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Operation: F.A.Q.S

Operation: H.O.M.E
Operation: F.A.Q.S
Operation: C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R - P.R.O.F.I.L.E.S
Operation: P.R.O.P.S
Operation: C.O.U.P.L.E.S - P.R.O.O.F
Operation: R.E.L.A.T.E.D - L.I.N.K.S
Operation: C.O.U.P.L.E.S
Operation: C.O.N.T.A.C.T
Operation: A.B.O.U.T
Operation: S.E.C.T.O.R - C
Operation: Y.O.U
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Operation: G.A.L.L.E.R.Y
Operation: K.N.D - O.P.E.R.A.T.I.V.E.S

Frequently Asked Questions all answered by Tom Warbuton!

Last updated: Saturday, March 04, 2006

Q: Could you tell me more about both of the KND movies? [Iron G]
A: [...] well, in operation zero, the KND have to recommission the greatest KND operative EVER! the other movie we're only just starting to talk about so there's not much to tell yet!

Q: I've heard that KND is coming out with a movie. So far I know that it si called: Operation Zero. What I don't know is wether it's going to be a theatre relase or a direct to video. [Delighfulloid]
A: it comes straight to DVD in fall 2006! but we ARE working on a script for a theatrical live action movie (which i'll believe when i see)


Q: Will the Operation: Z.E.R.O. DVD have any special features? Maybe a commentary by you and some of the show crew? [Starsky]
A: don't know yet but having to listen to my nassally voice for over an hour might get annoying. maybe we can get a voice actor to pretend they're me so i sound good!

Q: Will there be any super cool special features on the Operation: ZERO dvd? [posted on the 16th of May] [katiesocoolya]
A: don't know yet...but we start storyboarding THIS week! WHEEEEEE!

Q: Tell me about Operation: Z.E.R.O.! [Delightfulologist]
A: The KND have to recommision the greatest operative ever to help them fight an evil more sooper double evil than FATHER! And you'll be pretty interested to know that we find out something pretty wild about the DCFDTL, too!

Q: Could you tell me anything about Operaton: ZERO? [katiesocoolya]
A: only this: when an evil even eviller than father comes along, the KND are forced to recommission their greatest operative ever: NUMBUH ZERO!

Q: Can you tell me anything about Operation: ZERO that knd fans do not know yet? [katiesocoolya]
A:'s like sooper double classified!

Q: Tell me more about Operation ZERO and how many percent is the completion of making?[OneEyedPimp20] [This was posted on the 10th of February]
A: the script is done and we're doing pre-storyboarding right now! we still have a LONG way to go!

Q: How is Operation: ZERO going and when will it be out? [Queety]
A: our storyboard director did a whole bunch of pre-visualization on the storyboard and it's rocking out. it really feels like a sooper double big giant movie! the real storyboard work begins around june, so the movie won;t be out until fall 2006.

Q: Anything new on the movie, updates, maybe dvd info? [KND1]
A: sooper double amazing storyboard artists guy moore and matt peters are plugging away on the board and it's looking HUGE!

Q: Will there be any guest voices on the Operation: Z.E.R.O. movie and/or in the show? [Starsky]
A: that's totally sooper double secret right now!

Q: PLEASE tell me you have more Operation ZERO info for me!! [Iron G]
A: okay. i have more operation: ZERO info for you. (hee hee)

Q: in operation zero, is Chad going to be involved? (you don't have to tell me if he's the recommisioned operative or not) [Headphones]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Q: in operation zero, will Cree be involved? [Headphones]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe!

Q: Is Numbuh 0 a boy or a girl? [Dazzling13]
A: numbuh zero is definitely a...whoops...can't tell you that yet.

Q: *looks at blueprints for movie* What does the story that children tell of an evil adult that happened long ago that appears in the movie that isn't about anything else that you KNOW I'm talking about have to do with a boy, a book, and a tree? *fixes email sender and reciever so that there's no way for a transmission to be interrupted* [Delightfulologist]
A: why dost thou asketh questions that thou KNOWEST i shalt not gonna answereth?

Q: Speaking of which, there's a question among the KND Forums: Who istthe greatest operative of all time that you mentioned? I'm thinking Numbuh 0, but somne people think it's Chad or Cree (Even though they weren't decommisioned).[Iron G]
A: good question! you'll have to watch the movie to find out!

Q: You know that update on the blog with 2 pages of storyboards well is that from Operation ZERO or some other episode? [KND1]
A: i think that's a storyboard from 'fairly odd parents', right? where DOES numbuh 440 get that stuff from? she's crafty.

Q: Is Numbuh Zero the best player in Operation: BEST? [Metallix Karen]
A: i assume numbuh zero is the best at EVERYTHING!

Q: [...] about operation zero is the recommisioned opperative one thats already been on knd? [T418]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe...

Q: In KND who was the first ever to start the knd..? (if that makes sence) [Charlie]
A: it goes so far back i don't think anybody knows! but you'll find out some CRUCIAL ancient KND history in the DVD movie opeartion: ZERO!

Q: [...]remember in Operation: FUGITIVE Numbuh 86 mentioned her 'annoying brother, always goofing off'? Well...I was wondering what happened to that brother in Operation: SLUMBER. I mean, we would have seen him, right? [Numbah 13]
A: mom probably made fanny's brothers stay at a friends house so they wouldn't bother the girls. i hear you might get to see one of them in operation: ZERO!

Q: Can we expect to see more of Numbuh 362 in the upcoming seasons? [Radiohead]
A: yup! but i'll warn you... she doesn't turn up for a while. but she DOES have a BIG part in the sooper huge DVD movie called OPERATION: ZERO that's coming in fall 2006!

Q: If this question is redundant, please forgive me But are all five of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane blood-related? [Radiohead]
A: it's not's a good question. wish i knew the answer! but if you're sooooooper patient you'll find out some CRUCAIL info about the DCFDTL in opeartion: zero!


Q: Tell me about the live movie. [Delightfulologist]
A: not much to tell you...we're still working on story ideas!

Q: Any updates on the live movie? [Delightfulolgist]
A: yup. we're going to present the basic story to cartoon network next month complete with sooper cool conceptual drawings and stuff!

Q: In one of my friends' letters, you said a live-action KND movie was being written. Why is it going to be in theaters and not Operation ZERO? Plus, a live-action movie based on something animated dosen't turn out that well most of the time... the only one that worked for me is Spider-Man. [Iron G]
A: i think a live action movie would be cool! imagine seeing the treehouse looking GINORMOUS and REAL! don't worry...we'll make is sooper double good!

Q: I heard there's a Live-Action KND movie in the making. This was discussed on a KND Forum I visit, and most people questioned the idea. I'm just wondering how you'd go about doing it?[Sammeh 17]
A: yeah, we're working on a story for a live action movie...that doesn't mean it'll get made, but we're trying to make a story so cool that it'll HAVE to be made. i think it's a great idea. imagine all the giant 2x4 technology done with computer animation so it looks REAL! i'd especially love to see the treehouse, with all the leaves blowing and flocks of birds flying in and out of it. and the KND would be real kids. i'll bet we can cast some people that'll be dead on!

Q: if you are going to make a live movie out of the knd, who are you thinking of using as numbuh 4? [Headphones]
A: BEYONCE! wait...that won't work for numbuh four. actually, i don't know yet...we're still busy writing the story!


Q. My dad took away cable like 2 months ago *cries* And I very very very rarely get to see Codename Kids Next Door, I was wondering how many seasons are left. *cries* [Kimi03]
A: right now there are a total of 78 shows being made (that's 6 seasons of 13 shows each... we're currently finishing 4th season and writing 5th season), a direct to video movie called operation: zero (it'll come out in fall 2006) and a live action script for a theatrical film being written (who knows when that'll be done, tho) and who knows what we'll get to make after all that!

Q: When will Season 5 start? [Delightfulologist]
A: We're not even done with season 4! You'll see CAKED-FOUR air in march and then even more new episodes in may. technically... season 5 (show 53)should air in october.

Q: Is anything unique going to happen in CAKED-FOUR? [Delightfulologist]
A: YES! it will be the ONLY episode called operation: CAKED-FOUR!

Q: Which episode follows C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R.? [Delightfulologist]
A: operation: SITTER and SATURN! and they're reeeeeeeeeally good!

Q: What episodes come in May? [Delightfulologist]
A: i THINK it's more like june...but aside from SITTER and SATURN there's a whole bunch that start with M like MATADOR, MUNCHIES and MAURICE!

Q: [When will new episodes air?] [prncssgrl1881]
A: operation: SITTER and SATURN premiere on april 29th [2004]! and then there are a couple weeks of new epsiodes after that including operation: CHOCOLATE, LUNCH and CLOSET!

Q: Does The Tommy ever actually get to fight adult tyranny? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: sure! you'll get to see some tommy action real soon in operation: SITTER

Q: Is there any more info for Numbuh 5's mom? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: maybe you'll see her in operation: CHOCOLATE!

Q: [...] I've heard rumors that Numbuh 5 is actually French. How accurate is this? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: 100% sooper double totally accurate. her mom is french and you'll meet her in operation: CHOCOLATE and VIRUS

Q: so far we have seen the complete bodies of Mr. Uno, Mrs. Gilligan, Mrs. Sanban, Mr. Sanban, and Grandma Gilligan. Will we ever get to see Mrs. Uno, the faces of Mr. and Mrs. Beatles, and Mr. (and/or) Mrs. Lincoln [Dazzling13]
A: hmmmmmmm. you might see mr. beetles in operation: matador coming up this summer. not sure about the others yet.

Q: When's the next time we will see Toiletnator, Mr. Wink, Mr. Fibb, Knightbrace, and Count Spankulot? [Dazzling13]
A: operation: MUNCHIES!

Q: Will we ever see #1's mom. [lostkuki]
A: comin' up soon in operation: KNOT!

Q: or ever see the faces of Wally's parents? How come we never see Wally's faces? Is it cause their like, butt ugly or something? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: maaaaaaaaaybe you will in an upcoming show this season! [Season Four]

Q: We've seen a bit of numbuh 5, numbuh 2, numbuh 4's house will we ever see more of there houses and will we see numbuh 3's and 1's house? [Charlie]
A: definitely. rumour has it thay you'll see more of numbuh one's house in operation: KNOT and SNOWING. numbuh three's house you may see a touch of in SNOWING but you'll see more than enough of it in HOT-STUFF!

Q: Is Operation: SNOWING awsome? [katiesocoolya]
A: if by 'awesome' you mean a sooper massively action packed double episode with lots of laughs, funny romance, and flyinds sleds....then yeah. it's awesome.

Q: What's the fourth grade president's real name? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: you'll find out in operation: SNOWING!

Q: Is there going to be more KND episodes as the school as a scene or plot? [Yogirl38]
A: don't miss next week's show operation: SNOWING!

Q: When will new eps of KND air on Cartoon Network? [Fluffturf373]
A: july!

Q: what are the episodes for the next season of season 5 or some? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s fend]
A: as far new episodes go...we're just starting to write the last show of season five...a sooper giant, two part episode called operation: IT and just finishing up the final drafts of operation: HOME and LICORICE. after that it's on the the direct to video movie operation: ZERO and season 6! so there's still lots of KND action coming up!

Q: What are the titles for the season 5 episodes? [Iron G]
A: don't know all of 'em yet...we're still writing 'em! but here are some of them: operation: ELECTIONS, DUCKY, BREAK-UP, VIRUS, and HOLIDAY.

Q: Can you give me some names of Season 5 episodes? [KND1]
A: john, brian, andre and julius! what? episodes? i thought you said names of season five INTERNS! well that's different. how about DIAPER, BREAK-UP, OUTBREAK, RECRUIT and MISSION, then.

Q: what episodes does season five contain? [prncssgrl1881]
A: well, i can't tell you them all because that's like sooper double all sorts of classifed, but i can give ya a couple hints! there's operation: ELECTIONS, FISHY, VIRUS, DADDY, and HOT-STUFF!

Q: What are some of the season 5 episode titles? [Queety]
A: that's top secret. i'm absolutely not allowed to tell you about operation: ELECTIONS or SAFARI. and i DEFINITELY can't tell you about RECRUIT or CLOWN. hey...wait a second....

Q: What Season Five titles can you give at the moment? [Starsky]
A: hmmmmm. i guess i can sneak you a couple titles. we JUST finished writing season five (next we storyboard the direct to video movie operation: ZERO and THEN it's on to season six....busy busy busy!) and the sooper double big season finale operation: IT is HUGE! operation: LICORICE is gonna be pretty wild and so if you're a mushi fan you'll love operation: SPANKENSTINE!

Q: Have the words that the title acronyms stand for been made for season five yet? (Wow that was confusing, trying to figure out how to phrase that.) If so, could you give me a couple or at least a part of one? [Numbuh Pi]
A: unfortunately, that's sooper triple over the top classified information right now! you've probably heard some of the titles by now, like operation: ELECTIONS, FISHY and RECRUIT, but the acronyms are locked up on the KND moonbase right now so no one can see them.

Q: What kind of episodes can we look forward to from Season 5: more action-packed, more humour, maybe centred a little more on romance...? [Radiohead]
A: we're about half way done writing season five and while i don't wanna ruin any surprises for ya, i can safely tell you that, as always, there'll be a sooper huge mix of action, humor AND romance...but i defineitely think the show is swerving toward the FUNNIER side this season...which i think is a good thing!

Q: What is the name(s) of first episode(s) of Season 5? [Emi]
A: hard to say. show 53, operation: NAUGHTY is the first but it won't air until christmas, the first to air will be show 54, operation: ELECTIONS. both of them are sooper big 2 part episodes!

Q: When will the first episode of Season 5 premiere? [Emi]
A: [...]...september i think!

Q: Can you name some new characters or villains to be introduced? [KND1]
A: hhhhhhhm. there's numbuh 50 million BC, and numbuh 40 to life. there's black john licorice and captain james p. dirt. but that's all i'm tellin' ye.

Q: Instead of asking what episodes will appear (like the kajillion kids before me), can you tell me what 2X4 gadgets will appear? I'm really into the machines. [numbuh638]
A: i guess i can tell you a couple! there's the KND GUMMBO, GO-GO-GORILLA, HOT-SHOT, and the STORK!

Q: Is there any KND vehicles that has tires and wheels besides going on air and sea and transform something like that? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: sure...there's the KND STANK, and the upcoming STORK. it's MUCH faster to fly, though.

Q: How many double-length episodes will there be on Season Five? [Starsky]
A: four!

Q: If you had watched that clip on Cartoon Network's Summer 2005 Kickoff Special, what episode was that clip from? And who was that operative that tries to refrain 1from being a kid? [Fluffturf373]
A: that was from operation: MAURICE which i have a feeling is gonna make a lot of people happy!

Q: Has anyone in sector v already have had the chickenpox? [Lostkuki]
A: funny you should ask. you just might find out in operation: MAURICE

Q: On Cartoonnet work they showed a clip that has #4 and #5 spying on some guy. What is that ep. called and what's it about? [Lostkuki]
A: that's called operation: MAURICE and it'll be on in july! i think you're gonna really like it!

Q: Is op:MAURICE based on Mo Willems leaving KND and this is a episode to honor him? [Yogirl38]
A: kind of! to honor mo leaving we pantsed him and shoved him out the door onto the NYC streets! but he got us back by taking his sooper amazing writing talent with him! check out his children's books...they rock like a hurricane.

Q: Will Operation: Love revolve around one of the five main KND characters [Dazzling13]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Q: Well, I saw the preview in the KND Blog (WHICH ROCKS! XD) and somebody had said that L.O.V.E. will be like West Side Story, if that's true, who do each of the characters play? (And of course people think that Kuki is Maria) [Emi]
A: west side story? who said anything about west side story (hee hee)

Q: What is Operation: LOVE about? [katiesocoolya]
A: like, DUH. (hee hee)

Q: Is Operation: LOVE a team episode, or is it centered around a certain operative?[katiesocoolya]
A: both!

Q: What is the air date for Operation: LOVE? And is it a one or two part episode? [katiesocoolya]
A: my calender says july 5th...but it's been known to lie. and it's an 11 minute ep. (one part)

Q: What is the plotline of L.O.V.E.? [Numbuh Pi]
A: thursday!

Q: [...] which airs first: BREAK-UP or LOVE ? [Emi]
A: LOVE should air in july and BREAK UP in december!

Q: My friends who are fellow DCFDTL fans are anticipating to see where the DCFDTL will appear in an episode. When is their next appearance? [Fluffturf373]
A: KND scans show them appearing in operation: FERAL!

Q: Hmmm... Now what could the DCFDTL be doing in Operation: FERAL? *coughANSWERcough*[Delightfulologist]
A: they're waiting for you to watch the episode and find out! haw!

Q: When is Operation: FERAL coming out? [Delightfulologist]
A: july 22nd.

Q: What do they [Apparently the Delightful Children] do in FERAL? [Delightfulologist]
A: the funky chicken.

Q: Numbuh 4 has a little brother right? Will we see him again and whats his name? [Charlie]
A: his name is joey and he'll be in DODGEBALL

Q: Will Wally's little brother(his name is Joey, right?) and Bradley appear in future episodes? [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: i hear that joey will be in operation: DODGEBALL! not sure where bradley is...probably on a sooper secret stinky mission

Q: Will Numbuh 4's bro Joey ever have a role in one of the eps [KND1]
A: he'll make a little appearance in operation: DODGEBALL!

Q: What is #4's little brother's name? He was so cute. [Lostkuki]
A: that's joey! you'll see him in operation: DODGEBALL

Q: When was the order of the Dodgeball Monks founded, and where is their temple? [Numbuh Pi]
A: if they choose to accept you into their ranks, all will be revealed to you then. but until then we can all only guess.

Q: Are any characters named after the staff working on KND?(similarities I noticed- Tommy- You, Mr JOHN Wink- Quack Leard[I don't know if I spelled his name right], Bradley- Dee BRADLEY Baker[strangely, he plays Bradley], Cree- Cree Summer[she plays Cree]) I think there are more, but I can't think of them at the moment.[CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: if you watch the upcoming episode operation: ELECTIONS you'll see a lot of KDN crew members! but that's not for a long time!

Q: Will Operation: Election have the 4th grade president or Anna in it? If no then will those two be in anymore episodes? [Kukigirly444]
A: looks like ya gotta wait to find out (are you sick of my vague answers yet? i can't give away such fun stuff, right?)

Q: What's Chad been up to? [Lostkuki]
A: about 5 foot 6 inches! haw! i crack me up! sorry. you'll get some chadness in operation: ELECTIONS

Q: Will Operation: Break-Up be a relationship episode or a team episode? In other words, will it revolve around a couple such as Lizzie/Nigel or will it involve the group (KND or DCFDTL) thinking about disbanding? [Dazzling13]
A: that is, like, soooooooooo classified.

Q: is operation BREAK-UP a romantic episode, or not? [Headphones]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Q: [Someone on the forums is claiming to have proof that Operation: BREAK-UP will be about Numbuh One and Lizzie breaking up. Is this true?] [Numbuh Infinity]
A: obviously, the delightful children from down the lane are spreading rumours about future shows in order to confuse you. while KND media operatives say, "like, TOTALLY no comment! but just between you and me...i don't know about those two!" when asked whether lizzie and numbuh are breaking up in operation: BREAK-UP, they DO insist that you take information from non-KND ops with a sooper double huge shaker of salt! so it looks like you'll just have to be patient and wait to find out what happens! (real patient! that show airs in december!)

Q: Is it a team, or is it a couple that is breaking up in Operation: B.R.E.A.K. U.P.? [Numbuh Pi]
A: watch and find out!

Q: Whats Father doing in Operation: CAKED-FOUR? Come on, just a hint...? [Delightfulolgist]
A: what? baking kids into a giant cake? man, he's evil! or do you mean CAKED-FIVE? well, you'll love CAKED-FIVE! so, it's the DCFDTL's birthdya, right? and the KND have to get their cake so EVERYONE can have a slice, RIGHT?!?! well, THIS time father is goisng t0-0u as;addµ???©iuUIU"P HUJOI*HYO: ipo"KkL';L":

Transmission interrupted

Q: Where do you come up with Hoagie's jokes and puns? [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: we make 'em up. wait'll you see operation: CLOWN! ugh...there are some real stinkers in there.

Q: When's the next time we see Ms.Tomson? [Lostkuki]
A: hmmmmmmm. i think operation: CLOWN

Q: When is the next time we will see The Tommy? [katiesocoolya]
A: operation: DUCKY!

Q: What episode will the summer wearing Numbuhs 86, 362 and 60 be in when they visit Sector J? [Emi]
A: that numbuh 440 gives up some good info, huh! rumour has it that those pics are from operation: HOLIDAY

Q: When will op.:Love get on the air, or when ya thinks so? [Yogirl38]
A: middle of july.

Q: What's operation NAUGHTY about? [KND1]
A: christmas!

Q: When is the next time we will see Mushi? [katiesocoolya]
A: operation: SPANKENSTINE!

Q: Whens the next time we see #3's parents? [Yogirl38]
A: operation: SPANKENSTINE

Q: At the sooper secret knd production blog, it showed that cree is dressed up for the prom. so which ep is that one going to be? [lostkuki]
A: operation: VIRUS!

Q: What does 'IT' stand for in Operation: IT? [Delightfulologist]
A: you know i never give out sooper secret's against the rules!

Q: Where is Numbuh 362 from? Also, does she appear in any episodes after F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E. (besides Z.E.R.O.)? [Starsky]
A: where she's from is pretty classified stuff. but you'll see more of her in GRADUATES, and IT, both gian double sized episodes.

Q: Other than Lenny, what are the Delightful Children's names? [Dazzling13]
A: you'll find out...eventually.

Q: Are the DCFDTL going to act individually in a Future episode? [Delightfulologist]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Q: How did the DCFDTL become evil? [Delightfulologist]
A: that is a story for another day and i'd hate to ruin it for you!

Q: When will the other Delightful Children besides Lenny's names be revealed? Have they already been revealed? [flixerblixer]
A: their names haven't been revealed yet...but it you're patient they may turn up!

Q: What's the next plan hatched up from the DCFDTL [KND1]
A: if i knew i'd be able to stop it!

Q: Do we see Cree when she was in the KND her past as a KND operative? [Charlie]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Q: About Fanny's brothers: are they younger or older than her? And how much? [CrazyGirl]
A: you just might meet them in 5th season!

Q: Will Chad appear in season 5? (stupid question! I'm sure he will! Or else... erm... I will think about it...) [CrazyGirl]
A: DEFINITELY! (that chad will appear in season 5, not that it's a stupid question)

Q: Will Sandy ever make a comeback? [Dazzling13]
A: he just made a little appearance in an episode i wrote this week!

Q: Will there be an episode that includes Mrs. Sanban and Mr. Beatles like there was in Operation: Clues? [Dazzling13]
A: ya never know!

Q: Are there any future episodes featuring the Moonbase coming up? [Diala]
A: yup...but none too soon i don't think.

Q: Can you give us a hint on the new episodes? [Fluffturf373]
A: hint: there will be LOTS of new episodes (hee hee!)

Q: Are we ever going to see some more of Sandy? [KND1]
A: yup.

Q: Will we ever find out how Numbuhs 1-5 met? [Kukigirly444]
A: one day we shall!

Q: Will we see how everyone in sector v met each other for the first time? [Lostkuki]
A: i'm sure there'll be a sooper huge story telling how they all met. i just don't know when!

Q: Will we ever see a mother's or father's day ep.? [Lostkuki]
A: ya never know!

Q: Will we get to see the rest of sector v's birthday since we saw #1 and #3 already. [Lostkuki]
A: SOMEONE'S birthday is coming up soon!

Q: Who's birthday are we going to see next since we saw 3's and 1's all ready. [Lostkuki]
A: numbuh five's!

Q: Will we ever get to see when Cree was in the knd? [Lostkuki]
A: funny you should patient and you shall see!

Q: Are you going to put in any other guests in KND like the knd yugi from yu-gi-o or ash from pokemon? I love spoting them. [Lostkuki]
A: prooooooooobably!

Q: Will there ever be a valentine episode? That would be great.
A: it would be fun, wouldn't it! [Lostkuki]

Q: What are Lee & Sonya's numbuhs? [Metallix Karen]
A: you'll have to wait until 5th season airs to find out!

Q: And I was also wondering about the name of Chad's school - I guessed it's Gallagher High, since the KND go to Gallagher Elementary (according to Mo Willems!) - or would it be Gallagher Junior High? [Numbah 13]
A: [...] the correct answer is hendrie middle school. we even get to see it in operation: election...the first show of season 5! (well, the way our production seasons work it's season 5....we do them in bathces of 13)

Q: When is the Toilenator going to make another appearance? [Numbuh Pi]
A: if you love toiletnator you'll LOVE season 5!

Q: Will the KND’s parents meet on screen again like in O.F.F.I.C.E or C.L.U.E.S.? [Numbuh Pi]
A: yup!

Q: Are you gonna have anymore episodes with Numbuh 12 in them, cause, I like Numbuh 12. She, Chad, and Cree are my favorite villains. [Numbuh Seconteen]
A: right now i don't think there are any new episodes with numbuh 12 in them aside from one where we see a younger version of her briefly for a scene or two. but you never know. we still have 2 seasons to write! and there's LOTS more cree coming up and maybe even a little chad!

Q: What's Numbuh 362's real name? I won't tell anybody in the whole wide world will hear this. I promise. If I tell, it'll break our reputation. But I swear, I will never ever tell. [OneEyedPimp20]
A: sorry...we can't go letting out the name of the supreme leader of the KND! but maybe you'll find out at the end of season 5!

Q: what sector is Lee and Sonia in? [rellamexico223]
A: sector W! you'll get to see them again in season five!

Q: Will there be any more episodes that aren't centered around Numbuhs One to Five? If so, which ones? (if you can tell it) [Starsky]
A: yup. i ehar there's an episode starring just The Tommy coming down the pike!

Q: Is there going to be an episode where 1-5 move up to the 5th grade? [Tropicalkittiez]
A: it's not unpossible.

Q: Do you have plans for season 6-7? [Delightfulologist]
A: Yikes... we still have to finish writing seasons 5 and 6! but I hope we get to make more after that!
Q: Is there anything for the final episode of KND where Father is defeated? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: you'd have to watch the final episode to find out! but beofre that...we have to write it!


Q: In Operation Archive is that the parents past then? So there we no other Kids next door operatives before that? So numbuh 1,2,3,4,5 were the first with there numbuh? [Charlie]
A: remember, operation: ARCHIVE was numbuh one's paranoid version of how adults were created. it may or may not be true!

Q. Has any grown-up been in the KND? (besides you of course!) [Delightfulologist]
A: my guess: none

Q: How many membuhs in the whole KND organization? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: that's top secret...but probably too many to count!

Q: [...] Are all Sectors based on where they live? (Ex: Sector "C"=China) [Fluffturf373]
A: nor really. it's kinda random!

Q: After someone is decommissioned, can’t one of their old team mates try and remind them of their past as a KND operative? Like at school or some place where they are alone? Or are some teams decommissioned together? [Kukigirly444]
A: it's against KND rules to keep in contact with decommissioned operatives!

Q: Is there a Philippines KND Sector in the world of Kids Next Door? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: of course!

Q: Will we see the tree houses of other countries like Australia or Africa? [Yogirl38]
A: oh yeah! check out the KND production blog at to see the sooper amazing russian KND treehouse! this summer you'll get to see the chinese treehouse in sector C! yay!

Q: What time does the KND operatives go to sleep? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: when they're tired! (hee hee)

Q: Is there any way to know if any of us were actually on the KND and were decomissioned? [Starsky]
A: hmmmmm. for all you were the greatest KDN operative ever!

Q: What sector is Numbuh 86 from or was she always stationed on the Moonbase. [Delighfulloid]
A: rumour has it that the decommissioning squad has a MOBILE treehouse that's always on the move so it's location can never be pinpointed!

Q: What numbuhs are in Sector J? [Emi]
A: well, i can't tell you EVERYTHING!

Q: Where is Sector J located? [Emi]
A: la la la la... i can't HEEEEEEEAR la la la la!

Q: Where does the Sector N live? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: all KND sector locations are sooper double secret!

Q: Where does the Sector V live? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: repeat: all KND sector locations are sooper double secret!

Q: Where is Sector Vs treehouse located? [Delightfulologist]
A: on top of numbuh one's house. the actual location of THAT is top secret, tho!

Q: Where do the KND live? (numbuh's 1,2,3,4,5) [Kimi03]
A: it's a secret! if i told you, sooper villains might intercept this e-mail and find out where they are!

Q: I assume that Sector V lives in the United States. If so, is it any particular city or state? I'd like to send them a postcard! [Radiohead]
A: they definitely live in the US...but who knows where. if it was that easy to send them a postcard, sooper villains would have sent one already (probably with a liverwurst bomb attached to it!)

Q: If the location of the sectors are so secret, why does Sector V get attacks so much?[Metallix Karen]
A: some people just can't seem to keep a secret, huh? maybe they should take down the signs leading up to it.

Q: Where to the KND go to school? [Delightfulologist]
A: gallagher elementary!

Q: In BRIEF, Numbuh Four said that he and Numbuh One were best friends. However, there hasn't really been any display of friendship between the two in any of the shown episodes. Will there be any "confirmation," of sorts, of this friendship in any future episodes? And how did they become best friends? [Diala]
A: i'd say all five of the KND are bestest best friends. to go through all the craziness they do every day you'd HAVE to be!

Q: If there are KND sectors stationed all around the world, what was the point of making Sector V so multi-cultural? You've got a British boy, a Japanese girl, and an Australian kid. Had you not anticipated a global KND when first making the show? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: well, nigel's family moved to the US when he was very young as did kuki's, wallabee's and abigail's. they're all from different countries but they ended up living in the same neighborhood...and that neighborhood is the famous sector V!

Q: Are the five KND or any of the other characters based on people you know? [hoagiegal1970]
A: not really, but i like to think that there's a little of my personality in each one of them.

Q: Who's your favorite KND to write solo episodes for? [hoagiegal1970]
A: they're all fun! each of the characters has their own little 'side job' that's great to explore. numbuh five's candy hunting, numbuh four liking numbuh three, numbuh three's rainbow monkeys, numbuh two's detective work, numbuh one's relationship with lizzie...they're all fun to do.

Q: How does the tree house get rebuilt so fast? Its always getting destroyed some how. [Kukigirly444]
A: those KND are mighty resourceful AND fast.

Q: Are we ever going to see the KND as teens? [Kukigirly444]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Q: How come #2-#5 have the gender sibling. [Lostkuki]
A: you'd have to ask your biology teacher. i don't know how all that stuff works. although i hear numbuh five has an older brother.

Q: What are the KND's eye color? We saw that #4's are green but what about the rest? [Lostkuki]
A: depends on what kinda light they're in (how's that for vague!)

Q: Do the KND of Sector V sleep in the treehouse during non-school nights and in their own house during school nights? [Numbuh Pi]
A: sounds about right, but i'm sure they find ways to make it to the treehouse on school nights! i just hope they don't get caught!

Q: Do numbuhs 1-5 have any pets? [Tropicalkittiez]
A: not that i know of.

Q: Will we ever see what the knd will look like if they were teenagers? We already saw numbuh 2 as hank.^.^ which i loved. [Lostkuki]
A: it could happen!

Q: Mo Willems said that the order of the KND from oldest to youngest is 5, 4, 2, 1, 3. Is that correct? [Marissa]
A: hmmmm. mo might be right and he might be wrong! sounds like a good guess though.

Q: Who the oldest in sector V from Youngest through Oldest? [Yogirl38]
A: numbuh five is the oldest and numbuh three youngest...that's all we know!

Q: What grade are the kids of Sector V in? They're 10 years old, I know that much, which means- by our standards- that they should be in 5th grade. But then, why would they be associating with the 4th grade president? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: numbuhs 1-5 are in 4th grade. there are definitely some 10 year old 4th graders around!

Q: When Sector V moves on to Hendrie Middle School (that's its name, right?), will it be for 6th grade or 7th grade? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: probably 6th...maybe 7th. not sure.

Q: [...] we've seen a few birthdays on the show already, so I was curious about when everyone's birthdays actually are. Also, who's the oldest of Numbuhs One through Five? [TheoryGirl]
A: this is probably the next most often asked question i get after "what's the best way from keeping a turkey moist while cooking it". while i don't know the answer to the latter, i do know that we don't know () actual dates, only that numbuh five is oldest and numbuh three is youngest.

Q: When the KND are decommissioned (hopefully a long time from now), will they join the other side and fight for the right of adults or will they just lounge around for the rest of their lives? [Dazzling13]
A: i guess we won't know until they get there! although, i can't imagine numbuh one ever giving up the fight!

Q: [...] if Numbuh 3 is younger than Numbuh 1, what will happen to the treehouse or Numbuh 3 when Numbuh 1 is decommissioned? [Dazzling13]
A: the treehouse will have to be moved to the new leader's house! can you imagine what the movers would charge to move that thing?

Q: Is Lee somehow related to Wally? The first time I saw TRAINING, I thought Lee was Wally in disguise or something. Same nose, skin color, clothes color(they both wear orange and blue!) And Lee's hat covers his eyes like Wally's hair. I find it quite creepy. [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: nope, they're not related. but you'll never guess who numbuh 86 is related to! (and i ain't tellin'!)

Q: Do the other sectors have specialists like in Sector V (i.e. aeronautics, diversionary tactics, stealth)? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: sure. i hear that lee became tactical yo-yo specialist of sector W and sonia became soda, snacks and treats officer of same.

Q: If Kuki's the youngest, then what was Nigel celebrating in JEWELS? [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: his birthday. JEWELS probably happened before FAST-FOOD

Q: Why did Numbuh 1 love Numbuh 4's pool so much if he didn't like the beach one millimeter? [Delightfulologist]
A: i wouldn't say he LOVED numbuh four's pool. he was just going to hang with hsi friends!

Q: How did Numbuh 1 become bold(cant other words doesnt have hair) in the first place will we ever see him with hair as a child? [Charlie]
A: that's a sooper huge story we plan on telling one day!

Q: Does numbuh 1 have a sister or brother or is he an only child? [Charlie]
A: he's an only child!

Q: Did the Delightful Children make Numbuh 1 bald? [Kimi03]
A: yup. numbuh one mentioned it in operation: fountain. but we haven't told the story of HOWthat happened yet! maybe one day we will!

Q: Does #1 have a sister insted of a brother or is he an only child? [Lostkuki]
A: yup...numbuh one is an only child!

Q: HOW DID #1 LOSE HIS HAIR? [Lostkuki]
A: that's a triple huge story that we HAVE to tell one day.

Q: When will we know how #1 lost his hair? [Lostkuki]
A: when the time is right!

Q: [...] This one has been bugging me for a while: how'd such a scrawny kid like Nigel end up with such a ginormous butt? [TheoryGirl]
A: too many milkshakes?

Q: Will we ever find out how Numbuh 1 met Lizzie? [Kukigirly444]
A: that would be a pretty fun episode.

Q: Will we ever see how lizze and numbuh 1 met? [Lostkuki]
A: ya never know!

Q: How do you spell, um... Lizzie's pet name for Nigel? Is it Nigey or Nigie? [Tako]

Q: [...]how did Nigel and Lizzie meet? [TheoryGirl]
A: good question. maybe that'll be in an episode one day.

Q: [...] I have always wondered what Chad's middle name was (if any!)..and Wally and Hoagie's too. On Hoagie's profile thingy-thing, it says his full anme is Hoagie P. Gilligan...what does the 'p' stand for? what? whaaaaaaat? ...*slowly calms down* [Numbah 13]
A: i don't know what chad's and numbuh four's middle name is, but numbuh two's is pennywhistle.

Q: Why Numbuh 2 did some crazy lines, jokes and puns in some episodes? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: who doesn't like crazy lines, jokes and puns?!?

Q: [...] who names their kid Hoagie, anyway? [TheoryGirl]
A: his real name could be hogarth. right? maybe? or maybe his parents just like hoagies. i know i do! mmmmmmmmm!

Q: I love Hoagie's hair! But it's so rarely shown. Could you please find a reason for him to go without his hat for an episode? Thanks in advance ^_^ [TheoryGirl]
A: not sure if we'll ever get around to operation: S.H.O.W.H.O.A.G.I.E.S.H.A.I.R.P.L.E.A.S.E. but you never know.

Q: My friend wants to know if you think Numbuh 3 is hawt? (hehe) [Billy The Crud]
A: numbuh three rules! yay!

Q: [...]did I ever say how Operation: FUTURE was a work of utter genius?? It's my favorite episode. EVER. ^_^ Well, I was thinking about Sally Sanban. Who did Kuki marry? She had to married someone to, er, produce Sally. OR, it could have Mushi...hmm... [Numbah 13]
A: genius is such a strong word...but it WAS a pretty fun episode! i guess we'll never know who kuki married in that world. it was an alternate universe so it could have been ANYONE!

Q: What does Numbuh 3 afraid of? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: she's afraid that all the rainbow monkeys in the world will disappear!

Q: This is not a question, but more of a curiosity: In Spain, Kuki's name is translated as it was "cookie" (as a nickname), so she's always called "honey" or "dear" everytime they call her by her name. It's weird, it's weird. [Starsky]
A:'s funny to find out the different names in different countries. in france numbuh four is called gadjo basket. why? i have NO idea.

Q: What does Kuki's name mean? I always thought that it had something to do with "cookie", but several other people have pointed out that it could be "kuki"(stem), "kuuki" (air), kooky, or an old-fashioned girl's name. Are any of those correct? [Tako]
A: kuki no namae no imi wa 'air' desu.

Q: Where did Kuki get her dress for the All Kids Cotillion in Operation: D.A.T.E.? If it's in a national franchise, I SO want to hunt it down and wear it to my prom!!! [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: i think that dress was designed by the fabulous KND character designer t. mackie evans. he designs ALL the KND clothes. i don't understand why vogue hasn't done a story on him yet.

Q: Well not really a question but I think the pic of Kuki on Wallys wall is sweet! [Billy The Crud]
A: yeah it is! do you think numbuh four drew it or numbuh three?

Q: How close are 3 and 4 since they are the only members that calls each other by their name. [Lostkuki]
A: how close are numbuh three and four? it depends how far away they're standing from each other! (haw!)

Q: Can Numbuh 4 tell the truth about Numbuh 3 already? I've been waiting for this for so long and it was so close to the truth. It makes me sad a bit but it was so close. [OneEyedPimp20]
A: truth about what? (hee hee)
Q: Is there going to be more romance between 3 and 4 besides hugging? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s Friend]
A: romance? waht romance? (hee hee)

Q: Will we see anymore Numbuh 3 and 4 solo episodes like Office, or one kinda revolving around them like Beach? [Kukigirly444]
A: keep watching and find out!

Q: How come Numbuh 4 is the only person Numbuh 3 hugs besides people in her family? [Marissa]
A: dya think maybe she likes him?

Q: Did Numbuh 4 draw that picture of Numbuh 3 in his room or did Kuki give it to him? [Numbuh Pi]
A: you'd have to ask them!

Q: Why was Numbuh 3 mad at Numbuh 4 at the end of S.N.O.W.I.N.G.? [Numbuh Pi]
A: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Q: Do you think you could ask numbuh 4 where he got that swanky picture of numbuh 3 that is hanging in his room from for me? [Tropicalkittiez]
A: i have a feeling he would deny having a picture of numbuh three hanging in his room.

Q:Whens a episode we see 3 blushing this time by #4! In season 4 or more like 5,6,7,8 [Yogirl38]
A: it's a secret....SHHHHHHHHH!

Q: When's the next 3/4 proof filled episode. [Yogirl38]
A: proof of WHAT? (hee hee)

Q: Why did the Delightful Children call Numbuh Four "Wallace" in CAKED when his name is Wallabee? [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: maybe wallabee's a nickname for wallace

Q: [...]what's Wally's last name? [...] [Beatles or Beetles?] [DragonMasterHawk]
A: it's 'beEtles', not 'beAtles'. but it's a common and easy to make mistake. your best bet is to always trust in numbuh 440. unless, of course, she's wrong.

Q: Is there any hope #4 will get a bigger brain? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: maybe if numbuh five gives him some of hers!

Q: Why are Numbuh 4 and Toilenator worst enemies? [Kukigirly444]
A: i think because numbuh four doesn't take the toiletnator seriously. how CAN you?

Q: Who was #4 talking to in his dream in S.A.T.U.R.N.? [lostkuki]
A: good question!

Q: Is Numbuh 4 actually stupid? I mean he actually knew that there was no air in space, and that you can’t smell with out air, and that his opposite would be a coward. Plus he had a pretty good plan on how to get on Stickybeard’s ship, plus he helps Numbuh 2 with robots. So is he really stupid? [Numbuh Pi]
A: stupid is a pretty harsh word. i'd just say he isn't the sharpest knife int he drawer (like i'm one to talk), but he has his moments of brilliance!

Q: Can Numbuh 4 swim? It seemed like he sorta could in P.O.O.L. but then it looked like he was absolutely terrified in C.A.K.E.D. F.O.U.R. [Numbuh Pi]
A: he can since he learned how in operation: POOL. that doesn't mean he LIKES to. he yelled out 'please don't MAKE me swim!", right?

Q: Why didn’t Numbuh 4 also lose the race in C.A.K.E.D. F.O.U.R. if he was stranded on that island? [Numbuh Pi]
A: maybe he was disqualified for growing facial hair.

Q: Is Numbuh 4 failing every subjects in school? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: numbuh four definitely isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he!

Q: Why do Numbuh 4's parents try to send him to boarding school every year? And just how many years have they been trying to do this? [TheoryGirl]
A: they probably want a rest. numbuh four's a hand full.

Q: Does numbuh 5 really have am older brother? [Lostkuki]
A: that's what i hear!

Q: What's Numbuh 5's favorite book? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: the book of KND and the 2x4 technical manual

Q: [...] Is Numbuh 5 wearing pants? I can't tell with that shirt she's wearing (I'm assuming that Numbuh 3 wears black leggings, but that's hard to tell sometimes, too). [TheoryGirl]
A: it's a t-shirt dress. almost tennis-like, i'd say, but i don't think abby plays tennis.

Q: If Abby is French, was she born there too, or is she unlike Nigel, Kuki, and Wally in that sense? And if she was born there, why doesn't she have a cool accent like Nigel and Wally? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: yup...numbuh five was born in france but she moved to the states pretty early, i guess. hence no accent!

Q: I find the rivalry-ship between Heinrich and Numbuh 5 very interesting. I get the impression that they must have something more against each-other than fighting over candy. Right?[Sammeh 17]
A: well, one day we hope to tell the story of what happened in guatemala between the, that oughta tell us alot about their relationship!

Q: Will we get to see Robobradley again? [KND1]
A: maybe in the future...maaaaaan, that's STILL not funny.

Q: Is Bradley named after the voice actor? [Starsky]
A: nope. just a coincidence.

Q: Any plans on having Numbuh 13 on the show again? [Numbuh Pi]
A: rumour has it he'll show up again!

Q: Does Numbuh 35 really likes Numbuh 23? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: i don't know!

Q: I wanted to ask you about a scene in Operation P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T. I remember a while back that there was a competition to be a character on KND. Numbuh 24 seemed quite out of place and had more detailed facial features than most characters - is he the person who won the competition? [Numbah 13]
A: yup! that was him!

Q: Is Lee really Numbuh 30C's brother? [...] [Tako]
A: double nope. but keep an eye out for sonia and lee in the upcoming operation: DADDY.

Q: Is Numbuh 30c ever going to show up again? He was (pardon the pun) very cool. [TheoryGirl]
A: you never know where KND operative's will pop up next.

Q: There are 2 Numbuh 44s? [Delightfulologist]
A: yup! they're twins!

Q: This [question is] about Numbuh 86 herself: Will she ever find a boyfriend? [CrazyGirl]
A: i hope so! but she should chill out with the anti-boy thing first or she'll scare them all away!

Q: Why does Numbuh 86 hate boys so much? [Kukigirly444]
A: i don't know but she should try to lighten up a bit.

Q: People say when Numbuh 86 turned into a dog in Operation: GRADUATES and an operative said, "That figures," is that a joke which is saying Fanny's a b****? [numbuh638]
A: maybe they meant it 'figures' because she's irish and she turned into an irish setter!

Q: According to Wikipedia, 86 is used in a restaurant to mean 'We're out of that item'. Nowadays it means the removal or destruction of something. Is that the origin of her numbuh? (See: [numbuh638]
A: good catch! since she's head of decommissioning you could say that she "86's"people when she decommissions them

Q: How do you spell Numbuh 86's last name? [Tako]
A: fulbright

Q: Is Numbuh 86 Irish or Scottish? [Tako]
A: irish (wow...i love these one word answers!)

Q: What's Numbuh 362's real name? [Sammeh 17]
A: that's a sooper double secret! if enemies found out the name of the supreme commander, they might be able to find her! and we don't want that!

Q: Is Sonia really Numbuh 362's sister? [Tako]
A: nope.

Q: What Numbuh is the guy with the Yu-gi-oh hair? [Emi]
A: it's funny...we don't know yet!

Q: Will we ever get to see the future in KND ever again? [KND1]
A: maybe in the future..GET IT?!?! you'll get to see the FUTURE KND in the FUTURE! hey wait... that's not funny. <sigh>

Q: Is Sally Sanban gonna come back to the series? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: i don't think sally will be back any time soon, but you never know. anything can happen in the world of the KND!


Q: Are there other delightfulized children besides the DCFDTL and the ITFBTM?[Delightfulologist]
A: Definitely!

Q: Are the Delightful children from down the lane in anyway related to Father? Or did Father adopt or create etc.. them? [Charlie]
A: nobody knows WHERE they came from! oooooooooh spoooooooooky!

Q: Are the Delightfuls ever picked on in school? After seeing Op: ROBBERS I kindof wondered about that. They did brag about their homework. [Delighfulloid]
A: i doubt it. if anyone picked on them i think they'd get incinerated!

Q: Why did the DCFDTL save the KND from being youngified in F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N.?[Delightfulologist]
A: They weren't. They were trying to destroy Leona!

Q: Why do the DCFDTL focus on destroying Numbuh 1? [Delightfulologist]
A: Because Numbuh 1 is the leader and center of the team. without him, the KND aren't as focused!

Q: What happened to the DCFDTL as sheep when the door crushed them flat in G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S.?[Delightfulologist]
A: Once they were turned back into children, they probrably got backache! Yeowch!!

Q: Are the DCFDTL adopted? [Delightfulologist]
A: noooooooooboooooooooooooody knows!

Q: (I dont know why Im asking this, I know what the answer is, but) Do the DCFDTL inherit their parents powers? (ie, Fathers fire powers) [Delightfulologist]
A: if so, they haven't ever used them.

Q: Did the DCFDTL actually start .37462 seconds early? (in the toobathon) [Delightfulologist]
A: you caught us. he actually started .37463 tetraseconds early. good eye!

Q: What happened to the DCFDTL after Numbuh 2 saved everybody from the cooking of the cake?[Delightfulologist]
A: they probably went home to clean up after getting thei hair singed off!

Q: Are all the DC 10 because the child in the very back w/ brown hair looks way to tall to be 10, if no what age is he? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: i'd say that the DCFDTL are all 10 years old. maybe the tall guy eats lots of vegetables and he's grown alot!

Q: Do the dc have one brain they share or connected by surgery? [Yogirl38]
A: um...both? i don't know..i'd have to surgically check!

Q: What's Lenny's middle name? [Delightfulologist]
A: I have absolutely no idea!

Q: Will Lenny ever take his helmet off again? [Delightfulologist]
A: i hope so. he's gotta wash his hair sometime.

Q: Can you ask Lenny if he thinks I'm cool? Because I think he's cool! [flixerblixer]
A: the DCFDTL don't talk to me because i work for the KND.

Q: Why does Lenny where a helmet? [Yogirl38]
A: some say it was fused to his head by a freak lightning bolt. but he took it off in operation: UNDERCOVER so that's probably wrong.

Q: If Father hates kids so much then why does he have The Delightful Children? [Kukigirly444]
A: becuase he's made them perfect is his eyes! obedient, goody-goody and without free will!

Q: Does Father have any other apprentices? [Delightfulologist]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Q: I noticed that Father got more humorous in CAKED-FOUR as I watched it again and again and aain (and again)! "WHY, YOU MISERABLE-- huh? Well, that can't be good..." "You know, I love baking! It's... more than a hobby, really... what the--" Lol!! [Delightfulologist]
A: yeah, father seems to have lightened up a bit...but not that much. i mean, he still wanted to bake children into a cake! and wait'll you see what he's up to in CAKED-FIVE! yikes!

Q: Was Father always evil? [Delightfuloogist]
A: if he wasn't always evil, he was probably at least not very nice.

Q: How are lots of people from ARCHIVES (Like Father)still alive? [Delightfulologist]
A: remember that ARCHIVE was numbuh one telling the story of how he thought the battle between kids and adults started! some of it might be true, some of it false and some of it right there in the middle!

Q: How did Mr. Wigglestein got his new power from ARCHIVE? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: probably a walmart with an 'evil powers' aisle. but actually, i have no idea!

Q: Is there any weakness for Father? So I can defeat him once and for all? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: well, numbuh one defeated him using soft serve ice cream in operation: GROW-UP!

Q: After watching CAKED-FOUR, I noticed that Father seems to know a lot about Hoagie's dad. Can you say how he knew what he knew, or will we find out later in the series? [TheoryGirl]
A: i have a feeling father and numbuh two's dad have some kind of history.

Q: Is "Father" married? If so, please say so! [Yogirl38]
A: so. there...i said it. but i don't know if father is married or not. i just wanted to say 'so'.

Q: Don't you find cooking children in a cake and then having your snobby children eat it kind of... disturbing? [Delightfulologist]
A: yeah...father and those DCFDTL are creepy, right?

Q: Tell me about Mother. [Delightfulologist]
A: nobooooooooody knows!

Q: What does Mother look like? [Delightfulologist]
A: if she's anything like father, i don't wanna meet her!

Q: Will we meet The DC's mother or #5's mothers? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: if she's anything like i father i don't think you wanna meet her!


Q: Since a lot of crazy things happen in the KND universe (i. e. END's recommissioning), is Tommy going to be recommissioned at some point in the future? He has his "The Tommy" thing, but I can't help feeling that he's a little bummed that he's not a KND operative... [hoagiegal1970]
A: decommissioning and having your booger removed from the code module are two different things. first you're decommed and THEN you have your booger removed which is VERY final. and i think tommy is even MORE excited to be working ALONE as a rogue agent bringing justice to justiceless kids needing justicey justice!

Q: How old are Tommy and Mushi? [Sammeh 17]
A: well if hoagie is 10, tommy's probably somewhere around 6, i guess. mushi's probably even younger.

Q: Has mushi ever thought of joining the knd like tommyhas? [lostkuki]
A: i don't think so. but you'll definitely see her again!

Q: Is Mushi ever going to join the KND? [Numbuh Pi]
A: i think she's too angry at numbuh two to do that!

Q: Will we see more mushi and sandy together? [Lostkuki]
A: maaaaaaaaybe in season 5!

Q: Is any of them [Fanny's brothers] a KND member? [CrazyGirl]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaybe...

Q: Whatever happened to Laura Lumpin, I never see her in the show anymore. [Delighfulloid]
A: wherever she is i hope she stays there. she's scary!

Q: Will we see The Kid again? I really liked him. [lostkuki]
A: i'm sure he'll turn up somewhere!

Q: When is The Kid going to make another appearance? [Numbuh Pi]
A: later. i think.

Q: Will Muffy Jenkins ever make an appearance on the show, or will he/she only be mentioned? [Tako]
A: everyone wonders that!

Q: I must say that Operation: Pool is one of my favorite episodes. So I was wondering if we will ever see the negatives again? [Kukigirly444]
A: you never know!

Q: What is the name of the background girl: She had Light to Meidium Brown hair in a Pigtail. She wears I think, a green shirt with a dark blue skirt and blue sneakers. [Delighfulloid]
A: hmmmmmm. brad? ned? chuckles? i have no idea.

Q: There are soooo many minor and background characters, too. Like that blonde girl with the green bobble any of your background characters have names? Are they modeled after peopel you know or something along those lines?.. [Numbah 13]
A: we give them all names for refererence...but they're usually not official names. as far as who they're modelled after, see above.

Q: Who's the girl that wears in a purple shirt and has a blonde hair and what's her name? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: i'm not quite sure who you're talking about!

Q: [...] about the last time you replied me back about a girl, the one that has a blonde hair and wears a purple shirt, will this picture helps you? What's her real name? Um... the reason the girl's name Katherine because one of my friends named her besides you. Sorry to do that. I made up some names for the characters of KND, alot. The girl is on the right side of the picture. I taken this from the tv while I took some pictures from Operation DATE. I used the camera but not from the VCR or the DVD. It's a little blotchy, you know. [OneEyedPimp20]
A: i have no idea what her name is. she's like that boy or girl you always see in the halls at school but never know her name.

Q: Who's the one made Numbuh 4 fell into a trap and got him tied in Rainbow Monkey Island and what's her real name? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: that was bethany!


Q: My favorite character is Hank and I was wondering if he'd ever come back in another episode? ::gets down on knees and begs for more Hank:: [Queety]
A: you never know if hank'll pop up, but most likely you'll have to wait until hoagie ages a bunch of years.

Q: in Operation: Support, it is said by Mr. Lincoln that Cree is wearing a training bra. I was just wondering, exactly how old is Cree? [Dazzling13]
A: well, we know she's over 13 since she's had to leave the KND!

Q: There is supposed to be a special preview on Monday for Memorial Day. Seeing the special sneak peak in the Kids Next Blog and you saying there may be a Young Numbuh 12 coming up, I'm guessing that the special preview will be holding a KND episode
where Cree (Or should I now say, Numbuh 11) is still an operative (Because that picture is obivously her). Is this true? [Emi]
A: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Q: How old is Cree? [Lostkuki]
A: probably 15 or 16. i think.

Q: If Numbuh Five's family moved from France to the US when she was, like, one year old; ¿shouldn't Cree have a French accent? [Starsky]
A: maybe she lost it because she wanted to sound more american

Q: [...] I found out that Chad's last name is that right? [Numbah 13]
A: right again! would you like to try another question for $300,000?

Q: [...] after staring at my picture of Chad for several hours, I also wondered what position he play in football. [Numbah 13]
A: well, he was 'quarterbacking' the scheme is operation LEADER!

Q: Did Chad name his football team after the actual football team, the Jets? [Tako]
A: i think he named them after their rocket boots!

Q: Now, in Operation: CHAD, Chad called the drama teacher and told him to cast someone else in the school play. Well, I'd like to know, just what was the play, and who would Chad have been in it? (And did he get the part back after his parents let everyone go?) [TheoryGirl]
A: i think it was 'dude, where's my car? - the musical'. and chad was playing the car.

Q: When's the next time we see Chad? [Yogirl38]
A: operation: ELECTIONS!


Q: Do their parents know each other? [Lostkuki]
A: i'd say so.

Q: Is there any history with the KND's parents in the KND before them? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: good question. maybe one day we'll find out!

Q: How come some of the parents you can see the faces of(Mr. Uno, Mrs. Gillagan, Mr. and Mrs. Sanban) and some you can't (Mr. and Mrs. Beetles, Dr. Lincoln?) [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: it depends on emotion. notice how in OOMPAH we only saw dad's face when numbuh one got mad at him?

Q: Will we be able to see faces of sector v's parents since we haven't seen all of them yet [lostkuki]
A: i'd give a 100% definitely/maybe/no. maybe.

Q: Hasn&#8217;t Mr. Uno noticed that there is a big tree growing from the inside of his house? [Kukigirly444]
A: he's not too observant is he.

Q: On the Sooper Secret KND Production Site, there is a huge picture of all the families members of Sector V. (Thanks for showing that picture, as I have to admit of being a fan of the parents!) My question about that picture is: Why don't Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln have any faces? And why wasn't Mr. Gilligan shown? [Diala]
A: i guess we haven't had a reason to show they're faces yet...and nobody knows WHERE mr. gilligan is. maybe we'll find
out one day!

Q: Where is Numbuh Two's dad? I heard he was on a trip or something, but I'm not sure. [Fluffturf373]
A: nobody knows where he is!

Q: Are we EVER going to find out what happened to Mr. Gilligan? I have my own theory...I think he died and I think Father had something to do with it! [hoagiegal1970]
A: you never know. one day we might meet him/find out where he is/find out what happened to him

Q: What really happened to Hoagie Senior? It feels like he died or something. Just for a... what's the word am I looking for... concern. [OneEyedPimp20]
A: nobody knows. maybe he's on a long business trip!

Q: Is #2's dad dead since it felt that way in one of the eps. [Lostkuki]
A: maybe he's away on a looooong business trip?

Q: Is Numbuh 2's dad still living? Is he, like, on a super long trip around the world in a homemade plane? [Tako]
A: nobody knows where he is!

Q: I know the knd production site has some of the parents faces but will we get to see their faces in the show and what about Numbuh 2's dad? [KND1]
A: um...yes...i mean NO!

Q: In LUNCH, Lydia (Two's grandma, I believe?) said some yiddish. Does that mean that the Gilligan family is Jewish? If they are, do they celebrate Jewish holidays, such as Chanukkah and Passover? [Diala]
A: hmmmmm. they just might be!

Q: [...] will we get to see Numbuh 5's mom and dad's faces? [KND1]
A: ya never know! (at least i didn't say 'maybe in the future that time)

Q: What are the names of Numbuhs Four & Five's parents? And Numbuh One's dad? [Metallix Karen]
A: mr. and mrs. lincoln and mr. and mrs. beetles (hee hee!) i don't think we've heard their first names yet. but i do know that mr. uno's name is monty.

Q: Will we ever see lizzie's parents? [Lostkuki]
A: no plans to yet, but maybe one day!

Q: When you made the character Count Spankulot, did you ever feel there would be some negative feelings toward the him? [Delighfulloid]
A: i think everyone has negative (and stingy) feelings about spannking. yeowch!

Q: Who's the leader of the adults? Mr. Boss, Father, or..... somebody else? [Delightfulologist]
A: i don't think they have one leader, although i'm sure it would be father ifa they did organize.

Q: Has Gramma Stuffum always worked at their school? [Kukigirly444]
A: nope. just a short time.

Q: The KNDs history classes are confusing me. First, theres a history class with Mr. Frybingle, only having Numbuhs 1 and 2 in it, then theres Mrs. Thompsons history class (Originally a spelling teacher) who teaches Numbuhs 2, 4 and 5. Huh? [Delightfulolgist]
A: yeah... that's some crazy school, right? seems like there's always a new teacher.

Q: What's up with Ms. Tomson? [Lostkuki]
A: i KNOW!

Q: Who&#8217;s your favorite super villain in the KND universe? [Numbuh Pi]
A: wow! i can't name just one! father rocks, stickybeard is fun, count spankulot is hysterical, the toiletnator is pathetic...there are just too many!

Q: Do any of the villains have children? [Numbuh Pi]
A: i'm sure some of them do!

Q: When's the next time we see moose? [Yogirl38]
A: not sure...but i bet he'll show up again!

Q: What happened to the chickies from CAKED-THREE? [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: maybe they're all on vacation at chickie-world!

Q: This is kind of a wacky question, but I'll ask it anyway. Are we ever going to see Hoagie and Tommy's sheepdog (in the family picture in END)? [hoagiegal1970]
A: maybe he's off with numbuh two's dad on a soper huge adventure!

Q: Will we see the giant turnip again except mutant or did birds eat it? [Yogirl38]
A: maybe it sailed off to europe and bought a chateau in france.

Q: I noticed an easter egg you planted in Operation: SATURN!! When Numbuh 1 types coordinates in the ship with the piano, hes actually playing the famous tune from Close Encounters when the humans were trying to communicate with the spacecraft! [Delightfulolgist]
A: looooooooooooove mr. spielberg!

Q: I'm now a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan, and [...] I was observant enough to notice that in the beginning of Operation: TRAINING, Numbuh 60 mentioned the KND Arctic Base having 'Over 42 levels of weapons/equipment' (something like hat). Just wondering, where'd you get '42'? [Delightfulologist]
A: well, 43 seemed like too many and 41 just wasn't enough!

Q: When is H.I.P.P.I.E. H.O.P. going to make another appearance? [Numbuh Pi]
A: not for a while but he'll be around!

Q: What is the next episode the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. will appear in? [Numbuh Pi]
A: hmmm. i don't know off hand but it'll show up. it's splankarrific!

Q: Do all the KND treehouse have a boat and a space shuttle stuck in them? [Numbuh Pi]
A: not all of them...but it's a common theme!

Q: Don't tell anyone about this mail! If any of my friends/classmates/whoever finds out, they will probably make fun of me (I don't know why... some people are weird: [CrazyGirl]
A: so you mean i wasn't supposed to send this letter to your school yearbook? (just kidding!) so let 'em make fun! you're the one having the REAL fun watching the show!

Q: Kids should rule the world! Destroy all the adults! Destroy all the teenagers!... hmmm... something tells me I'm by the wrong side [CrazyGirl]
A: ya don't wanna destroy ALL the adults. there are plenty of nice ones. it's the evil adult sooper villains and sooper teenagers that ya gotta battle!

Q: If coffee comes from a secret adult facility on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, where do cappuccino makers come from? [Delightfulologist]
A: capistrano! um...i think.

Q: Are DODGEBALL and FLAVOR based on the teachings of Buddhism? [Fluffturf373]
A: nope. they're based on ice-creamism and dodgeballosity

Q: Does time advance in the show? [Starsky]
A: of course! otherwise the show would never end! (hee hee)

Q: Is it possible that you can give me a picture of Numbuh 4 in bunny ears like in that commercial on Cartoon Network? My brother(he's also a big fan of KND) said there was this commercial with Wally in bunny ears and I haven't seen it yet(grrrrrrr......) [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: i haven't seen that commercial...i gotta watch more cartoon network!

Q: How come Cartoon Network keeps running these dumb "Fool's Paradise" promos, and they won't even mention the new KND episodes? It's ticking (I could use a "nicer" word starting with p, but I won't!) me off! [hoagiegal1970]
A: don't ask me. i just make the cartoons, i don't get to promote 'em. otherwise it'd be KND promos 25 hours a day, 9 days a week!

Q: [...] This one deals with KND toys. I would think their will be some Delightful Children action figures out soon. Will there also be stuffies of them or anything? And will there be a KND RPG and will it have similar rules like most other RPG games, such as D&D. [Delighfulloid]
A: no plans right now for a DCFDTL plushie, but definitely some action figures. and i HAVE seen some people putting together some rules for a KND D-20 game online. look it up on google and you mind catch up with them.

Q: I've heard that KND toys are on their way. Will their be any Delightful merchadise out their? Such as Action Figures and Stuffies. I would really like a Stuffy of the Bow Girl Delightful She is my favorite out of the five. [Delighfulloid]
A: we JUST had a meeting about the 2006 toy line where i jumped up on the table and yelled "GIVE ME DELIGHTFUL CHILDREN TOYS OR GIVE ME A HAMBURGER FOR LUNCH!" and believe it or not i got BOTH! unfortunately, there are no DCFDTL toys this year, but be patient and they will come. the main problem is that since there are five of them they're really hard (and expensive) to make!

Q: I bought my first KND toys for my kids at my local Toys 'R Us. Yay! What I want to know is, why did they stuff them off in the corner, while other show-based toys got way more shelf space? Do people not know what KND is??? That's the impression I got! [hoagiegal1970]
A: you so rock for going out and buying some KND gear! i've gotten varying reports from people at different stores about how they're displayed....some places they're on 'end cap's at the end of aisles with lots of big signs and at others they're tucked off to the side. since most stores are displaying them early, they're just putting them out where they have space. when the official launch happens (may 2) alot of stores will move them to end caps. or so my evil spies tell me!
personally, i went up to the TRU in times square and bought myself a numbuh two plushie (believe it or not, i hadn't seen the final packaged up version yet!). sure, i could have gotten one for free, but i wanted to do the ceremonial purchase. then, i almost pooped myself when the cashier said, "kids next door! that's my favorite cartoon!". how cool is THAT???

Q: A [...] "request" from my 3 year old daughter: (Yes, I really AM an older KND fan!) Is there going to be a REAL line of Rainbow Monkeys at the local toy stores? How about a Bradley cuddly stuffed doll? [hoagiegal1970]
A: surprisingly, we get a lot of requests for real rainbow monkeys. we've been talking about it for a while, but there aren't any real plans yet. and hopefully we'll have a bradley doll at some point!

Q: Do you think there will ever be a rainbow monkey doll that we can buy? [Lostkuki]
A: there's been talk but nothing definite yet.

Q: Anyway, I was also wondering about that giant Kids Next Door treehouse that was on sale on Cartoon Network dot com. Did anyone ever buy it? [Numbah 13]
A: no...which stinks. because i was hoping whoever did buy it would have a big party inside and invit the whole KDN crew. oh well.

Q: When it's the next DVD of KND will come out, Sooper Hugest Missions: File 2? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: august! rumour has it that these eps will be on it: CANNON, CAMP, CHAD, SHAVE, TRIP, TRAINING, DATE. but you didn't hear it from me!

Q: Which episodes will the File 2 DVD include? I'm thinking of buying it with the Previews catalogue... [Starsky]
A: rumour has it that these are the eps:
1. Operation: C.A.N.N.O.N.
2. Operation: C.A.M.P.
3. Operation: C.H.A.D.
4. Operation: S.H.A.V.E.
5. Operation: T.R.I.P.
6. Operation: T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G.
7. Operation: D.A.T.E.

Q: Will the File 2 DVD include an extra Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends episode like the first one did? If so, which one? [Starsky]
A: CN hasn't told me yet!

Q: Will there be a File 3 DVD? [Starsky]
A: yup. but first file 2 comes out this august!

Q: Will KND be getting their own comic in the near future? By the way nice job on the KND VS TDCFDTL mini comics. I love all the different artistic talents that go into them. [Delighfulloid]
A: don't know! it WOULD be pretty cool. and thanks for recognizing the brilliant work the different artists have done on the VS. series. i LOVE what they do with the characters!

Q: [...] Will you be doing any of the art in the KND comics? [Delighfulloid]
A: i WISH, but i'm lucky if i have time to eat lunch let alone draw a whole comic! besides, i'd rather leave it up to the people who can REALLY Draw!

Q: Is there any special KND Comic Books available? Or drawings or anything done by YOU? :) [Radiohead]
A: DC comics has a title called 'block party' (it used to be called 'cartoon cartoon') where they compile short stories from different CN shows. we're in there a lot. i usually write them and a couple fo the storyboard artists draw them. you can probably find 'em at your local comic shop.

Q: [...]did you have anything to do with the videogame that was recently featured on Numbuh 440's site? [DragonMasterHawk]
A: yup. i helped with the story, the script, and give notes on every single level. the developers are a company called high voltage and they rock SO HARD. they're out to make this game the coolest they can and it's working. wait'll you see the level where numbuh three has to chase all the hamsters around the treehouse or numbuh five fighting her way through stickybeard's ship! sooper fun! i just got the alpha version and am dying to check it out!

Q: Will there ever be a KND console game for like Xbox, PS2 or Gamecube or even an internet game besides OPERATION BEST on CN's site? [KND1]
A: aw boy, wait'll you see the console game coming out this fall! it's for playstation and XBOX and it's looking pretty amazing so far!

Q: Do you help with the Cartoon Network games? (Operation BEST, Operation RAIL, etc.) [numbuh638]
A: some of them. i never even saw RAIL until it came out but they did a GREAT job!

Q: [...] is there going to be (or is there already) a CD with songs either from the show or inspired by it? I know I'd buy it if one (or more) came out (especially if the song from NUGGET was included ^_~). [TheoryGirl]
A: there are no plans to do that right now but i think it'd be great. and there are a LOT more fun songs coming up! we just recorded one yesterday about Moosicles! what are moosicles, you ask? i ain't tellin'!

Q: [...] How do you play Yipper, and how many cards are there for it? (Ok, that's really two....) [TheoryGirl]
A: good question! maybe there'll be an actual yipper game after the KND TCG comes out! i loooooove TCG's

Q: [...] how much do you let fan input affect your choices? [...Huge snip...] [DragonMasterHawk]
A: Q: input doesn't dicatate what we do at all. you have to remember that each episode takes over a year to go from script to screen (we're generally working on approx. 30 episodes at any given time) so we don't really have time to react to what fans think. if they want more epsiodes with the KND eating chicken nachos next season, GREAT! but we're already done writing the next season and guess what? THERE ARE NO SHOWS WITH THE KND EATING CHICKEN NACHOS IN THAT SEASON! (you heard it here first) so you ay, "well, what about the NEXT season after that? give us some shows with the KND eating chicken nachos then or there'll be heck to pay!" but if we were to do that, who's to say that a year later the fans won't be, like, SO over chicken nachos and instead want the KND eating corn dogs? and then we've got 30,000 shows with chicken nachos and not one with corn dogs and then everyone runs over to watch billy and mandy because their whole 6th season is the 'billy and mandy corn dog extravaganza season extrodinaire'. and then i wail and cry, "why oh why did i listen! WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!" so that's why we just do what we do and hope that ya'll like it! and so far it seems to be working! man, i could really go for a corn dog and some chicken nachos right now.

Q: How is the show going? [katiesocoolya]
A: production rolls on! ratings are great! there are toys on the shelf! what more could you ask for?

Q: How did you come up with the concept of Kids Next Door? Was it based upon any real life experiences? [flixerblixer]
A: i just always liked the idea of five different kids joining together to fight adult tyranny! when i was a kid, i ALWAYS suspected adults were up to something and in the world of the KND...they ARE! not all adults, mind you. just a bunch of crazy adult sooper villains who wanna cause trouble for kids. as far as crash landing in a sea of asparagus or being kidnapped by the cheese shogun...that stuff has never really happened to me. well, maybe once or twice but that's it.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for knd? [katiesocoolya]
A: i always liked the idea of an international team of kids fighting for the rights of children! but originally they're from another show i pitched cartoon network called 'kenny and the chimp'. they were the KIDS who lived NEXT DOOR to kenny and would always get him into trouble. but when kenny and the chimp didn't get picked to be a series i made a series with the KND! and NOW look at the mess we're in.

Q: How did you come up with the characters for KND? [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: i always liked the idea of a multi-national team of experts working together!

Q: Well, everybody knows why you and the writers picked the last names for Numbuh's 1-5, but why did you pick their first names? [Emi]
A: hmmmm. well, nigel sounded like a nice english name. hoagie is just a really fun name AND a great sandwich (i'm from philadelphia where they call them hoagies), for numbuh three i wanted a name that went with how light and free she was, hence kuuki, the japanese word for 'air', wallabee is about as australian as it gets, and to be honest i have no idea why i picked abigail for numbuh five. i think i just liked the sound of 'abby lincoln'.

Q: I live in the UK so coul you tell me when New episodes like SITTER and SATURN, will be airing? [Billy The Crud]
A: unfortunately, i don't know when the UK has scheduled KND so i can't help you there!

Q: In the UK Cartoon Network always plays the same episodes Eg: Op SPROUT. If you could please ask them to play some other episode like Op POOL? [Billy The Crud]
A: i'll e-mail my friends over there (i visited CN UK a couple years ago to promote the show! i love london!) and tell them to show some new ones. maybe they'll even listen to me!

Q: Do you have a website? If so what's the adress? [Yogirl38]

Q: Is Maurice, Mo's real name? [Yogirl38]
A: yup.

Q: Why do we have to wait until April to watch SITTER and SATURN? [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: it takes a long time to make these cartoon thingies! we wanna make 'em juuuuuuuust right!

Q: Do you know when the episode guide will be on the KND production site because I'm dying to know what order the eps are in since CN airs them differently [KND1]
A: you'd have to ask numbuh 440. she knows everything.

Q: Do you know how much time does it get to air new KND episodes in other countries? Still waiting for Season Three here... [Starsky]
A: a lot of people ask me that...but i have NO idea. it's really up to the CN's in each country when they wanna air it!

Q: How long does it make a 2-parter episode of Kids Next Door?[OneEyedPimp20]
A: basically, it takes almost a year to make each 1/2 hour episode of KND whether it's 2 eleven minute episodes or one 22 minute ep. that's why we work on so many episodes at a time. otherwise we'd only have one episode a year to show you and that'd be boring, wouldn't it!

Q: How does the animation team make each frame of the show? Do they sketch each individual frame and then computer graphically draw it, or do they just look at the story board but make the frames completely from
scratch on the computer, or something else entirely? [Numbuh Pi]
A: the animators draw each frame on paper and then scan it into the computer to be colored and filmed!

Q: As a follow up, how long does each frame take to make? [Numbuh Pi]
A: depends on how complicated it is!

Q: How do you get those weird ideas of 2X4 Technology? Not anyone can think of those Stuff. Do you make up the shape and fill in with gadgets (as in, you make the shape of Hippy Hop, then decide this cupboard goes here, this fridge goes there, etc.)? Do you make up the name afterwards or before? [numbuh638]
A: we come up with the name and a short description when we write the story but then out sooper genius design team, DRAWS, them! they're amazing artists!

Q: Besides the normal characters, did you also design the character's versions in R.E.P.O.R.T.? [Starsky]
A: nope. those were done by out sooper genius character designers t. mackey evans and kevin kobasic. they ROCK.

Q: After KND's series is up for good :( do you have any plans to start any new animation series?[Radiohead]
A: the first thing i'm going to do is take a long nap. but after that i got a couple ideas i'd like to do!

Q: How many seasons will KND last? Will you continue cartooning when the series is over? [Iron G]
A: right now we're almost done writing season 5 and we're greenlit to do a season 6. that's 78 half hour eps all together. who knows if we'll get to do more! and OF COURSE i'll continue cartooning! i love making cartoons!

Q: SITTER, SATURN, CHOCOLATE, MATADOR, LUNCH, MUNCHIES, KNOT, CLOSET, and SNOWING are all Season four episodes, correct? [Emi]
A: yup. these are all season 4 episodes. technically a 'season' is 13 half hours so 1-13 is season 1, 14-26 is season 2, 27-39 is season 3 and so on all the way up to season 6! 1 but cartoon network doesn't always air them all in a row, hence the confusion about seasons.

Q: How many more season are there going to be? [katiesocoolya]
A: we're greenlit for 6 seasons (thats 78 half 49 airs friday) but who knows how many after that!

Q: Is there any particular reason why Season Three was shorter? [Starsky]
A: it's not. CN just airs them differently. a season is 13 shows.

Q: Are you planning of making a 2 or 3 parts half an hour episodes of Kids Next Door?[OneEyedPimp20]
A: not really, becuase cartoon network mixes up the order of episodes a lot after they premiere.

Q: Who will be head writer after Mo stops? [Iron G]
A: the sooper powered, amazingly all powerful andy rheingold! he's been here since we've started writing season 5 back in oct. he rocks.

Q: How long does it usually take you to write an episode? [katiesocoolya]
A: about 3 weeks, although it's constantly being re-written and changed as it moves throught the process.

Q: Who is your favorite character to write? [katiesocoolya]
A: hmmmm. they're ALL fun...even the ancillary characters like tommy, numbuh 86, etc etc etc

Q: Are there any episodes that didn't make it? [numbuh638]
A: there are lots of stories that we started to write, but then at some point they fizzled out!

Q: Do you write the KND comercials on CN or does Cn do it? [Yogirl38]
A: CN's on air dept writes them!

Q: Do you name the episodes yourself? What's the key to making a good meaning that's simple and meaningful? [numbuh638]
A: i make most of the acronyms. the key is cheating when you have to. like using a K instead of a C or making up words! and get a thesaurus! they help a lot!

Q: where do you come up with all the acronyms? ive tried and its kinda hard [T418]
A: i've been doing it so long it's actually gotten pretty easy. although sometimes you just can't find that ONE word for a letter. it helps to have a dictionary and a thesaurus around to help! keep trying! it's pretty fun!

Q: [...] when writing an episode, which comes first, the idea for the plot, or the title? I mean, usually the plot comes first, I'm sure, but I imagine sometimes you just want to use an acronym and then come up with the plot to go with it. Has that ever happened? [TheoryGirl]
A: generally we come up with the 'evil' first and then the 'sooper evil'. for instance, in operation POP, the evil was "what if adults raised the drinking age of soda up to 13?" that's EVIL, right? but then we needed to raise the stakes! so the sooper evil became, "what if an overzealous adult decided to bottle children until they were 13, so he wouldn't have to deal with kids at all." now that's REEEEEEEEALLY evil. we always come up with the acronym's MUCH easier that way.

Q: When is the Mr. Warburton explains it all part of the website going to open? [Numbuh Pi]
A: this kind of IS mr. warburton explains it all!

Q: I saw you're web site and saw everyone's parents faces, though how come #5's parent didn't have nothing on their face? [Yogirl38]
A: maybe they're in the witness protection program.

Q: do you know why they changed Mrs. Gilligan's voice actress? In Operation: Tommy, she was voiced by Cree Summer, yet in Operation: Clues, she was voiced by Candi Milo. [Dazzling13]
A: cree sounded too much like cree so we went with candy when mrs. gilligan had lots of lines!

Q: I watched SLUMBER again. This time I tried looking in the credits for who did Numbuh 12's voice. I couldn't find it. could you let me know who does her voice? I also would like to know if there is going to be anymore 3/4 or 23/35 in the upcoming
episodes. :D [Numbuh Seconteen]
A: sounds to me like numbuh 12 was voiced by sooper amazing vocal talent jennifer hale! she rocks! as far as 3/4, 23/35, and stuff like'll just have to keep watching to find out!

Q: What are the main operatives' voice actors (Dee Baker, Ben Diskin, Lauren Tom, and Cree Summer) like in real life? [Radiohead]
A: they're ALL really great people and i love them to death! the type of people you'd wanna hang out with even if you weren't working with them! ben's like a sooper skinny version of numbuh two. really smart and kinda shy (which is NOT like numbuh two). dee is one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet and SO full of ideas! he LOVES monster movies! lauren is
adorable and sweet and has the most infectious laugh...she totally IS numbuh three! and cree just makes you WISH you were as cool as she is!

Q: Do they [voice actors] tape an episode together all at once or do they come in different times to do the voice overs? [Radiohead]
A: we record with everyone in the booth at the same time and it's SO fun, although i'm here in NYC and they're in LA when we do it. i listen over a glorified speaker phone and give instructions over a mic. but i do fly out there for the first and last record of every season which is SO much fun. we went bowling after the last record. i suck at bowling.

Q: Dee Baker is such a versatile voice actor, with a wide range! Is there any address I can contact him and let him know I'm a HUGE fan? [Radiohead]
A: go to! there's LOTS of info about him there!

Q: Have you done any guest voice work or provided any of the voices for any of the characters in KND? [Radiohead]
A: no because my voice is like fingernails down a blackboard...yuck! i leave the voice acting up to the professionals. although if you watch 'kenny and the chimp'...that's my voice as the chef that pops out of the wall. it was an emergency and i was the only one around to record it. i cringe everytime i hear it.

Q: Loved CAKED-FOUR. But how come the title wasn't like the first three? (Capture And Kidnapify Enemy Desert) [Queety]
A: i guess they got bored with that acronym!

Q: I noticed since Operation: HOUND the animations been a little different and In Operation: CAKED-FOUR, the characters acted slightly different. Have you gotten a new team to work on the show? [Queety]
A: nope...the same teams. that show did look extra special good, though. it's one of our favorites so we worked extra hard on it!

Q: I know it may sound like a stupid question, but here it goes: Was Operation: C.A.K.E.D. made around the same time No P In The Ool was, or was it done with the rest of Season One when the show was picked up? [Starsky]
A: it was done when season one was picked up.

Q: Does the original 2000 KND short air anymore, and if it does, when? [flixerblixer]
A: 'No P in the Ool' still airs randomly on the network. check out the schedule on and maybe you'll see it there.

Q: Is GWAR, the 80s wacked metal band, the band featured in FOODFITE? [hoagiegal1970]
A: nope. the band we used was RAWG...which may or may not have members of GWAR in it. (hee hee)

Q: How did Genndy T. feel about putting the Dexter balloon in UNCOOL? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: i saw him in the hallway at cartoon network studios when i was out in LA last month (our studio is in NYC) and he didn't beat me that's a good sign!

Q: Okay, [...] Have you ever modeled a character after a fan? Besides competitions, that is. was there ever such a devoted KND fanatic that you made a character after them? [Numbah 13]
A: nope...we've done two characters modelled after specific people. one was from the competition in operaton: president and the other will be in operation: feral. we haven't drawn in any fans yet, but there are some characters that have been based on some of the designers and their friends.

Q: I know that will be a selfish and unfair question but this can be the only chance in my life to ask someone about that, so... could you put a character like me in C:KND, please? [CrazyGirl]
A: i'd LOVE to, but unfortunately can't! sorry sorry sorry! it's be cool to see what the KND sector in POland's treehouse looks like, though!

Q: Did your show have any nominations like from the emmys? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: no big ones (yet) but we've got some film festival awards here and there!

Q: Hmm...a while back I got an email about the production/shipping of Operation: RABBIT from someone on the KND crew. I was overjoyed, of course, but why did I, of all peopel get it? I don't deserve such an [Numbah 13]
A: that was a mistake...somehow your e-mail address got attached to a production e-mail list....whoops!

Q: What are your feelings about people who flame KND ( Like my ENTIRE CLASS!! ) [Iron G]
A: it just means they've been brainwashed by evil adult sooper villains. it's not their fault.

Q: What do you suggest to someone who is interested in persuing a carrer in animation or other aspects of cartoons? [Dazzling13]
A: DRAW DRAW DRAW! and when you're not drawing. DRAW MORE! draw everything; people, animals, furniture, landscape, sandwiches, whatever you see. the better you can draw, the more people will want to hire you.

Q: I have always loved to draw, and I was wondering how hard it is to be an artist/cartoon creater? I hope one day I will make a cool cartoon just like you! But I know that it will never be as good as Codename Kids Next Door, because that is the best show forever! and always[Kimi03]
A: it's REALLY hard to make a cartoon! it's a massive amount of work, it takes a lot of people and it takes a long time! but it's fun BECAUSE it's hard! if it was easy it'd be boring! if you really want to make a cartoon, you can do it! it just takes a lot of commitment and love. so how do you start? DRAW! draw draw draw and draw everything you can! the more you draw, the better you'll get! make up stories and draw them! tell them to your family and friends and ask them how you can make them better.

Q: I learned in another letter that was written to you that you're not allowed to read fanfiction because people'll think you'd take their ideas. Are you not allowed on fansites and forums as well? (There are a lot) I mean I think you should be allowed on so you can see what your fans are interested in seeing. [Queety]
A: i'm allowed to lurk around sites and such and always do! it's always great to hear what fans think!

Q: Do you ever look around the fan community yourself (Visit forums, look at fanart, etc.)? [Iron G]
A: i lurk about all the time! careful what you say...i may be watching(mwa ha ha ha!)

Q: Have you ever seen me on the forums? (My name's always 'Delightfulologist')[Delightfulologist]
A: KND webscans see all.

Q: Do you read the KND forums? Like Stardrifter's? [Metallix Karen]
A: i've said it before and i'll say it again...KND webscans see all.

Q: And if you could reply to this email and my otehr email in the same'd be much appreciated! ( I asking too much?) By the you ever read KND fanfiction? And if so, wht's the favorite one you've so far? [Numbah 13]
A: CN doesn't really like me opening attachments sent to me (viruses) and i'm not allowed to read fanfictions (some bad people might claim i took an idea from them). i'll bet your video thing is pretty great, tho! if you ever post it up on one of the KND fansites, i might stumble across it tho!

Q: Do you go to If you find a really good fic, will you take that idea or at least jot it down somewhere? [numbuh638]
A: cartoon netork doesn't allow me to look at fan fics! they don't want people accusing me of stealing their story...which i'd never ever do anyway, but you never know what someone might try to say!

Q: Can I share the answers to these questions on Numbuh 8's messageboards? [Tako]
A: of course! hi everybody!

Q: did u get average grades to succeed where you are today? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: i was an okay student. i did well in art and science but stunk up the school in math. it's best to try to do as well as you can, though!

Q: This is more of a personal question (don't answer it if you don't want to): Were you popular back in school? [Starsky]
A: well if you consider being the star quarterback, homecoming king, straight A student with perfect hair and dated the captain of the cheerleading team popular...then no. i wasn't popular. but if you consider having a great circle of friends who you read comic books with, played dungeons and dragons, video games, and make funny movies with being popular than...yes!

Q: Cliché and over-asked, I'm certain, but did you always want to be a cartoonist? When you were in high school what kinds of clubs did you join, if any? I'm a geek m'self! [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: i always loved cartoons but for a long time i didn't think i was good enough to do it. then one day a firend told me that if making cartooons was what i REEEEEEEALLY wanted to do... i should just do it! and now look at the mess i'm in! as to the question about clubs...i wasn't really in any in high school. i was kind of shy and just hung out with my own circle of friends and drew comics, made movies, and stuff like that.

Q: What other works have you done before Kenny and The Chimp and Codename Kids Next Door? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: lots of stuff! i was a director on sheep in the big city, the lead character designer on all of disney's pepper ann, production designer on the first season of beavis and butthead, layout artists on nickelodeon's doug, director on new schoolhouse rock episodes and animator on a ton of commercials! phew! that's a lot of stuff!

Q: Have the teen-adult tyrants ever kidnapped you, held you hostage, and/or tortured you for information on the KND? Was it scary? Have you ever had a real-life stalker? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: they've tried but i just make myself itchy (see above [now below] mentioned skill) and they run away screaming.

Q: Did you ever think while you were creating the show it would become this popluar?[Delighfulloid]
A: only dreamed!

Q: How old are you? [Yogirl38]
A: 37!

Q: Will you date my grandma? [Yogirl38]
A:, no way. i'm already married and stuff!

Q: How come your in the KND and are a adult? [Yogirl38]
A: maybe i look really young.

Q: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or the Fourth Flavor ice cream? (I know that was random) [CrazyAsianGirl217]
A: fourth flavor. totally.

Q: Do you like chocolate milk? (my only love!!!: [CrazyGirl]
A: i love black iced coffee year round (even when it's cold out:. i don't even have to ask for it at the deli i go to near the studio. i just walk in and they make it for me! YAY!

Q: Is it normal that you have a love of coffee (black iced coffee to be exact, according to the FAQs) and are still in the KND? [Delightfulologist]
A: i'd say most of what i do wouldn't be considered 'normal' (takes another sip of his [BLACK, a vital but forgotten part of the name!!] iced coffee....mmmmmmmmmm)

Q: COKE OR PEPSI!?!!?! You have five seconds to answer! [Iron G]
A: cream soda!

Q: Isn't Diet Pepsi... *sob*.... BEAUTIFUL? *sob* [Iron G]
A: i feel that way about iced coffee. black. mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Q: Do you drink coffee? [Yogirl38]
A: black iced coffee every morning...mmmmmmmm.

Q: Monkeys or kittens? [katiesocoolya]
A: dude...SO monkeys. how can you even put monkeys in kittens in the same sentence?

Q: Are you a gamer? If so, what is your favorite video game? If not, do you still like a certain charecter/series/game? [Iron G]
A: i WISH i was more of a gamer. while having your own cartoon series IS really cool, it doesn't leave you with much time to play games. but i love the baldur's gate series (i'm a sucker for RPG's), ocarina of time was one of my all time favorites, love warcraft and starcraft, the tomb raider series. ugh, i'm SO behind AND i only have a mac so there are a ton of games i can't play. i'd LOVE to play everquest.

Q: Did you have any favorite superheroes as a kid [KND1]
A: the x-men were ALWAYS my favorite.

Q: Do you watch any anime? [Lostkuki]
A: lots! i love naruto, one piece, full metal alchemist, last exile, and more more more!

Q: Which are your favourite shows (besides KND)? [Starsky]
A: spongebob rocks, fosters home for imaginary friends is beautiful, avatar is pretty cool, teen titans is great. i also love a lot of anime like full metal alchemist, last exile, one piece, shamna king, naruto, etc etc etc

Q: Which is your favourite SpongeBob episode? (this was a question sponsored by Stupid Questions About Favorite Something That Have Nothing To Do With The Show Or With Anything)[Starsky]
A: c'mon! you can't name just one! band geeks RULES. the one where he thought mr. krabs was a robot was BRILLIANT. and rip your pants is hysterical. and ANYTHING with plankton. anything.

Q: Which is your favourite Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends episode? (this was... oh well, the same as above) [Starsky]
A: once can i name just one? i loved last weekend's where mac accidentally made a new imaginary friend. and the one with eduardo hiding the puppies was really cute. and the bowling one was great, too!

Q: If Operation SNOWING based on Star Wars, then by any you like Star Wars? [Fluffturf373]
A: looooooooove star wars. especially the first 3 movies.

Q: What is your favorite movie ever? [KND1]
A: i can't name just one! i love all the LOTR films, the first 3 star wars, the indiana jones movies, laputa castle in the sky, totoro, the first matrix movie, the animatrix, etc etc etc

Q: Which are your favourite movies? [Starsky]
A: wow! there are too many to list! but if watch enough KND you'll see the influence of a lot of my favorites like the indiana jones, star wars, and matrix movies!

Q: What is your favorite movie? You'd probably laugh if you knew mine! [Tropicalkittiez]
A: BWA HA HA HA! i just guessed that your favorite movie is 'dude, where's my car?' and i LAUGHED! wait...that's not your favorite movie? oops.

Q: [...] Which are your favourite bands/songs? [Starsky]
A: i love all kinds of music; rock, hip hop, electronica, heavy metal, classical, etc etc etc. so it's hard to say what my favorites are without lsiting a million things. but the who is probably the band i've loved as long as i can remember.

Q: Obscure allusional jokes that only a few people will get or professional comedic jokes that everyone will laugh at until they pee themselves? I'm the first one (see if you can spot the one early on in the e-mail!) which is why I like Numbuh 2. I think he's hilarious! (I'm one of few, or so I've been told) [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: hey wait...this isn't a question! you tricked me!

Q: When you sneeze, do you let the snot fly or pinch your nose? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: i pinch my nose AND mouth so my head inflates like a giant balloon!

Q: Out of all the KND couples, which do you prefer? [Iron G]
A: the best KND couple is... numbuh &#8226;¶?¶§?ç&#732;?¬?¬¬&#710;¨¨&#710;©??¥&#8224;¨¥¥¥................ (transmission

Q: Do you have a personal favourite episode from any of the seasons? My favourites were Operation: B.E.A.C.H. and E.N.D. from Season 2, and Operation: L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N. from Season 3, by the way ;) [Radiohead]
A: i've got LOTS of favorites. i STILL love I-SCREAM. FLAVOR rocks. GROW-UP, END , and GRADUATES are sooper double huge episodes that are really exciting. SHOGUN is funny. ARCHIVE rules. FOODFITE was a show i always wanted to do and finally did, FLY is really cool, too. there are just too many to mention! some of my favorites coming up are CAKED-FOUR, SATURN, LOVE and
DODGEBALL...but you'll have to wait to see those!

Q: What episodes from season 1-4 have been your faves? [katiesocoolya]

Q: What episodes that havent aired yet are your faves? [katiesocoolya]

Q: What's your favorite episode of season 5? [KND1]
A: once again, i can't name just one. operation: BULLIES is hysterical, SPANKENSTINE in spankariffic, and operation: IT is HUGE

Q: What was your favorite episode to write? [katiesocoolya]
A: that's a tough one. CAKED-FOUR was really fun. SUPPORT turned out great. OUTBREAK is pretty funny. it's really hard to say.

Q: Who's your favorite character? [Queety]
A: that's like asking your grandma which of her grandchildren she likes best! she's never gonna say "TIMMY! he's better than all you saps!". she's gonna say, "i LOVE them ALL!" why am i comparing myself to a grandma?

Q: This is probly a weird question, but which character's name do you like the most? [Emi]
A: hoagie p. gilligan is a pretty great name to have!

Q: Also...which KND character reminds you of yourself? I'm a female Numbuh 4 myself. ^_^ [Numbah 13]
A: i'd like to think i'm like all 5 in one way or another. a sooper confident leader like numbuh one, a good natured smart guy like two, a fun loving goof like three, a scrappy tough guy like four and cool like numbuh five (although i could only wish to be THAT cool)

Q: Wich character do you think your most like? Maybe # -86? *giggles, snuffles, bursts out laughing!* [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: i'd like to thinkt here's a little piece of me in each of them!

Q: [Apparently the above question?] [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: [...]actually i think there's some of each character's traits in myself!

numbuh one - the fearless leader who runs screaming like a little girl when things get really scary
numbuh two - the happy go lucky nerdy inventor type
numbuh three - sooper cheery and completely unaware of real danger
numbuh four - the guy who charges into things without thinking
numbuh five - and i only wish i could be as cool as numbuh five!

Q: If you could be any operative or villain who would you be? [Kukigirly444]
A: that's a tough one! there are too many to choose from!

Q: Which character do you think you're most alike on the show? [Yogirl38]
A: i'd like to think there's a little of me in all of them!

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one item and one person with you, who and what would it be? No cheating by saying something like a cruiseliner and a captain to guide it! [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: okay. i'd want a 747 and a pilot to fly it! and then we'd go pick up my wife and little boy. and we'd fly to aruba and sit by the pool eating chips and guacamole and drinking fruit punch! YAY!

Q: Why are you so awsome? [katiesocoolya]
A: me? awesome? NAAAAAAAAH.

Q: This is not a question, but a comment: You're Cute! [Radiohead]
A: aaaaaaaaaw STOP!

Q: This is not even a question, but you are the best. Keep up the good work! [Starsky]
A: well, i don't think i'm the BEST. but i'll take 'pretty darn good'! thanks so much!

Q: How do you answer so fast to this letters? [Starsky]
A: most super heroes get really COOL powers like flying, eyes that shoot lasers or the ability to control weather. so what did i get? sooper fast letter answering powers. BORING! but it's good for you because you get your questions answered right away so it can't be ALL bad.

Q: When you go to the beach, what do you like to do? If you had a KND-related specialty (i.e. aeronautics, stealth, diversion), what would it be? [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: when i go to the beach i like to sit in a chair, stare blankly at the ocean and say "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH" for long periods of time. as far as my KND related specialty goes, it would be the power to make myself itchy whenever i wanted. which is kind of lame because you can't really prove to people that you're making yourself itchy. and aside from that...who wants to be itchy

Q: Did you notice, that every evil anime/cartoon character has his/her own evil laugh? I have my "WEEHEEHEEHEEEEEE!!!" Do you have one too? [CrazyGirl]
A: everyone tells me i laugh too loud and too much.

Q: Why did you make a show about adults being evil if your a adult? [Funkey Monkey Rebal!'s friend]
A: maybe the KND force me to animate their stories!

Q: AFTER YOU TAKE A NAP, and after KND is over, what ideas for TV shows do you have? [Delightfulologist]
A: of all the sooper double classified stuff in the world of sooper double classified stuff THAT is the sooper triple classified of them all.

Q: What other shows are you working on? [katiesocoolya]
A: the 'mr. warburton wants to take a nap show'. but it isn't really getting anywhere because i'm so busy on KND

Q: How have you been lately? [katiesocoolya]
A: swamped...but lovin' it. and you?

Q: [...] what are you going to do over the summer? I'm going to Disney world.^.^ yay! [Lostkuki]
A: keep making more KND episodes and go up to my secret mountain hideout to relzx with my family!

Q: What sector are you in? [Yogirl38]
A: sector 'gotta get back to work!'

Q: have you ever had your work copied or ripped off in any way? [Numbah 13]
A: some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! regardless, there are millions of ideas out there! if you feel like your has been taken, come up with soemthing EVEN BETTER!

Q: Have you ever tired of driving your car or being late to go to work? [OneEyedPimp20]
A: i take the subway to work! and i'm never late because i come in sooper early before everyone else does! it's the only time i get some peace and quiet to write!

Q: Have you ever read Neruda's Ode to a Tomato? What about Ode to Tuna? Ode to Socks?[ThuhJesheekuh]
A: nope. but i've read naruto before. i wanna go to ninja school, too!

Q: [This] is not a question, but more of a statement. I read somewhere that, while you don't get time to play many video games, one of your all-time favorites is Ocarina of Time. I wish to glomp thee! Zelda was my first fan-crazed obsession evah! Lasted *counts on fingers* this many! *holds up 7 fingers* With any luck, my KND obsession will be just as strong. If cool wasn't such an obscure word, I'd call you such. [ThuhJesheekuh]
A: this isn't a question. either! so this isn't much of an answer.

Q: Who's the biggest KND fan you have ever seen? [KND1]
A: FANZILLA! he's 60 stories high and breathes fire!

Q: When answering "KND question"-related e-mails, do you wish that you had some kind of clone? [Fluffturf373]
A: it'd be nice, but i think i'd bug the crap out of myself if there were two of me!

Q: Is it really bothersome for you receiving and responding to so many of your fans' emails?[Radiohead]
A: nope! i think it's great that people take the time to write in so the least i can do is write back!

Q: [...] you probably get asked a lot of questions, so what's the question that you get asked the most? [TheoryGirl]
A: "what's the capital of nebraska?", "why can't the philadelphia flyers put the puck in the net?" and "will numbuh four EVER EVER EVER tell numbuh three how he feels about her???!!

Compiled from the Kids Next Door forums at ,by Clanker 21/04/05. All answers are from Mr Warburton. Where I didn't know the wording of the question, I made something up and put it in square brackets. I worked hard on this, please don't steal without giving me credit. My email is

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