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Operation: C.O.U.P.L.E.S - P.R.O.O.F

Operation: H.O.M.E
Operation: F.A.Q.S
Operation: C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R - P.R.O.F.I.L.E.S
Operation: P.R.O.P.S
Operation: C.O.U.P.L.E.S - P.R.O.O.F
Operation: R.E.L.A.T.E.D - L.I.N.K.S
Operation: C.O.U.P.L.E.S
Operation: C.O.N.T.A.C.T
Operation: A.B.O.U.T
Operation: S.E.C.T.O.R - C
Operation: Y.O.U
Operation: R.E.L.A.T.E.D - S.O.N.G.S - L.Y.R.I.C.S
Operation: E.P.I.S.O.D.E.S
Operation: G.A.L.L.E.R.Y
Operation: K.N.D - O.P.E.R.A.T.I.V.E.S

Only Kuki and Wally's couple proof is here. Why? Because this site was turned from a Kuki and Wally fansite to a full Kids Next Door fansite!

No P in the OOL:

1: When Numbuh 3 was jumping on the bed, Numbuh 4 comes into the scene and takes her to the main room.

2: When they're eating thier snacks, they are next to each other.

3: They are in the Kid-a-pault next to each other.

4: When Numbuh Two was talking about how adults never splash each other or dunk their heads underwater, Numbuh Three backs into Numbuh Four.

Operation: TEETH

1: When Numbuh 3 was missing, he was the first to wonder where she was.

Operation: CANNON

1: Numbuh 4 somehow got the idia that building a clam cannon would be cool into his head, so he tries to get all the KND to help make it. Guess who's room he barges into first?

2: When Numbuh 3 was shooing Numbuh 4 away, he says something like "ok, I'll come back later..." But when the others reject him he says something like "Fine, but you'll regret it!

3: When the KND were being picked up in the delightful claw thing, Numbuh 4 had his arm around Numbuh 3!

Operation: TURNIP

1: Numbuh Four was next to Numbuh 3 when they were running away from the giant turnip, and he was the first to notice that she was talking to hippy-hop on the phone

Operation: MINI-GOLF

1: Numbuhs 3 and 4 were on the same team when they were playing ping-pong! Not a lot, but sort of cute.

Operation: OFFICE

1: After Numbuh 4 decides to go through the vent without the other girls, Numbuh 3 suddenly pops out of nowhere and he tries to get her to come with him!

2: When Numbuhs 3 and 4 were getting all the other girls down the vent, only they are left and the shuttle lifts off. Numbuh four says to Numbuh 3 "Kuki, you can still make it! Go!" as he pushes her off. Numbuh 3 yells his name as she falls down!

3: When Numbuh 3 lands in Mr. Boss's control room, she chases him everywhere to try and get Numbuh 4 back, and he says "I hope your friend likes pluto!" just to annoy her.

4: As soon as Numbuh 4 lands, Numbuh 3 hugs him and talks about how glad she is that he's ok. He blushes and says "uhm..whatever".

Operation: ARCTIC

1: Numbuhs 3 and 4 were sitting next to each other and Numbuh 3 said "Numbuh 30c is soooo cool!" and jelously Numbuh 4 mumbled "Yeah. If you like penguins."

2: After Numbuhs 1,2,3, and 5 left, Numbuh 30c commented "Wow. That Numbuh 3 is kind of...cute, huh?" and Numbuh four looked up suprised and said "WHAT?!! Just get back to work!" or something.

Operation: LICE

1: When Numbuhs 1,2,4 and 5 are running to Numbuh 3's room after hearing a scream, Numbuh four was running in front of every one

Operation: CAMP

1: This was mainly a 2/3 episode, but when the KND were getting out of thier school bus thing, Numbuh 3 fell on Numbuh 4 cheering "Wheee!"

2: At first, Numbuh 4 didn't like Bradly, but when Numbuh 3 says how much she likes him, Numbuh 4 was all "Aww, he is kind of cute!

3: When Numbuh five commented on where Numbuh two was, Numbuh four jumped and said "Yeah and were's Numbuh three?"

4: Numbuh 4 tries to save Numbuh 3 when she is taken by those ropes and says something like "Hey! Let go of my friend!"

Operation: GROW-UP

1: Numbuh 4 saved Numbuh 3's life getting her out of the line of fire.^^

2: At the end credits, one of the pictures show Numbuh 4 eating a green popsicle and offering Numbuh 3 an orange one! How sweet!

3: Also at the end credits, Numbuhs 3 and 4 were leaning against each other and looking at the stars!

4: When the KND are all wet and stuff Numbuh 4 says "Yah, they never knew what hit em" and Numbuh 3 whippes his tushie with a towel. he said something like "Yeah, yeah. Very funny!"

Operation: CATS

1: When Numbuh 4 accedentally destroys Mr. Huggykins, he tries so hard to fix him so Numbuh 3 wouldn't get sad.

2: After Numbuh 4 destroyed Mr. Huggykins, Numbuh 3 made him pretend to be him. Notice that all this doll does is say "I love you!" If you hug it.

3: After Numbuh 4 refuses to tell Numbuh 3 that he loves her, she becomes so focused in talking to him that she spills tea on his lap!

4: Before Numbuh 4 got absorbed into the giant cat, his last words were "Tell Numbuh Three I'm sorry!"

5: Even though Numbuh 4 was mean to her, Kuki still came to rescue Numbuh 4 from the kitty lady!

6: Stuff that they said!

(4) Numbuh 3? Thanks for saving me... and all.

(3) Oh, It's OK! *hugs him*

(4) *blushes and grumbles* "I..Love...You!"

Operation: DATE

1: When Numbuh One said that the KND would "Couple us so as not to draw attention", Kuki and Wally grabbed each other's hands and smiled really widely!

2: At thier date, Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 danced really wildly and everyone crowded around them!

Operation: TAPIOCA

1: When Wally was making fun of Hoagie, Numbuh 3 knew that he was Numbuh 4! (3: that isn't proof! me: yes it is!)

2: When the KND are captured by the senior citizen squad and when Numbuh 5 said "Take 'em down", Kuki and Wally are next to each other!

Operation: FAST-FOOD

1: When Numbuh 3 was taking forever to get out of the burger place, Numbuh 4 was all beating himself up for letting Numbuh 3 go in there alone! How sweet!

2: When the KND thought that Numbuh 3 got eaten by the sharcks, Numbuh 4 screamed "Numbuh Three!!!!!!!"!

3: At the beggining of the episode, Numbuh 4 didn't want Numbuh 3 to lead the mission. How come he suddenly cared so much about her saftey, hm?

Operation: MOVIE

1: At the beggining, Numbuhs 1,2, and 5 were sitting in the back row, but Kuki and Wally were sitting in their own row, away from thier teammates! I wonder why...

Operation: GHOST

1: When Numbuh 3 was walking around the treehouse all scaired, numbuh four ran into the scene and (accedentally?) fell on top of her!

2: After doing his little victory dance, Numbuh 4 saw Numbuh 3 being pulled into the "Hamster Ghostie"'s grave. He called her name then pulled the lever to some super big alarm that probably woke up the whole nieborhood instead of going to the KND's rooms and just telling them!

3: When they were coming out of Chubbo's grave, Numbuh 3 almost got sucked back in when Numbuh 4 came to the rescue!

4: At first, Numbuh 4 hated the KND's hamsters and didn't even come to one of thier funerals, but after they saved Numbuh 3, he even let them have some of his soda

Operation: BRIEF

1: When the KND were getting out of the rocket-bus thing, Kuki was carrying Wally on her shoulders because he was so tired!


1 Stuff they said:

(4) -ulp- uhm...Numbuh 3? I've always tell you something...?

(3) It's okay Numbuh 4, you don't have to say it, I know you really love rainbow monkeys too! hee hee!

(4) no,no,no,no. It's -big shiney eyed-

But then they get saved! And he was so close to telling her, too!

Operation: BEACH

1: When Numbuh 3 was making a sand-castle, she asked Numbuh 4 to be her 'Prince Charming'!!!!!

2: When those nights stole Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4 was yelling stuff like "STAY AWAY FROM HER!" and "I'LL SAVE YOU, KUKI!"

3: Kuki and Wally called each other by thier real names instead of thier codenames for most of the episode!^^

4: Numbuh 4 uses the excuse "She just owes me a quarter!" throughout the whole episode, but at the end Numbuh 3 says "Quarter? I don't owe you a quarter!"

5: While Wally was explaining about how the nights took Numbuh 3, he commented "...And they made this personal my taking Numbuh 3!" Numbuhs 2 and 5 sing 'WALLY AND KUKI SITTING IN A TREE! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!' he of coarse denied it blushing and and stuff and in a sly voice Numbuh 5 goes "Yeah, right..."

6: Later, Numbuh 4 uses himself as a human cannon ball to save Numbuh 3 instead of going through the front door.

7: When Numbuh 3 is going up the sand castle stairs, she yelled to Numbuh 4 "Hey Wally, guess what? I'm getting married! And Numbuh 4 fell through one of those cheesy cartoon black holes going "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

8: When that surfer-dude-guy was saying stuff at the beggining of the wedding, Numbuh 4 cries "Kuki? You arn't really marrying that DORK are you?" and he looked so worried!

9: Everyone keeps accusing Numbuh 4 of loving Numbuh 3 ^___^

10: Numbuh 4 and King Sandy totally get into a huge fight over Numbuh 3!

11: After Wally unties Kuki from the ropes, he holds onto her hands and almost forgets that Numbuhs 2 and 5 were there!

Operation: END

1: When Numbuh Three was about to get shot, Numbuh 4 saves her, and when Numbuh 4 almost falls down the platform, Numbuh 3 grabs him by the arms and saves him!

2: When the KND were falling down, Kuki and Wally were hugging, and they still were for kind of a long time once they landed!^^

3: When decomissioned Wally thinks that he can't fly to the ship, Kuki, blushing for the first time ever, says in a flirty voice "Yooo Hooo! Numbuh 4! Gook luck!" and numbuh 4 blushing and scratching his head goes "heh heh, Well I'll my job and-" He get blasted off!

Operation: FUTURE

1: When Numbuh 4 says that he has to go to a boarding school, Numbuh 3 goes "Oh, you poor thing!"

2: When Numbuh 4 says "Relex, I can handle it!" Numbuh 3 completly believes him and says "Bye Numbuh 4! Send me a funny post card, hee hee!

3: When Sally and the BND are trying to stop the evil girls, old Numbuh 4 pays the most attention to Sally, Numbuh 3's granddaughter.

4: When old Wally goes back to the past, the KND think he's an adult trying to attack them, but Numbuh 3 stops them saying that he's telling the truth.

5: At the end, old Numbuh 4 was saying stuff to 10-year-old Numbuh 4. "Don't get that moehawk in the 8th grade, it took me forever to grow out! And most importantly, I always regreted never asking out-" And he vanished. But we all know what he was going to say.

Operation: BUTT

1. Numbuh four was blushing when he was telling numbuh three that Numbuh One wasn't getting her a pony.

2. When Numbuh Three was crying, numbuh Four, pretending to be one of Numbuh Three's dolls said "Aww, Don't cry little girl. Mr. FuzzyWuzzle (or something like that) Want's you to turn that frown upside down!" Just to make her happy. 3. When they were laughing at the picture of Numbuh One's butt, Numbuhs 3 and 4 had their arms around each other

Operation: LEADER

1: When Lizzie was saying "Shut up!" to everyone, Numbuh 3 was all "You can't tell Numbuh 4 to shut up!"

Operation: UTOPIA

1: In the pool of Nigels Happy-Helmet dreams, Kuki and Wally were swimming around totally ga-ga over each other!

Operation: FOUNTAIN

1: Numbuh Three keeps saying that Leona's "The prettiest girl in school" But Numbuh 4 makes it REALLY CLEAR that he disagreed. He probably thinks someone different is the prettiest. **hint, hint

2: When Numbuh 4 says that he can handle those gaurds by the gym's exit, Numbuh 3 looks really worried.

3: When that big metal ball is headed to Numbuh 4, Numbuh 4 is the first to say "Numbuh 4! Look out!"

Operation: SLUMBER

1: Once Numbuh 4 heared that Numbuh 3 was going on a "Girls only mission", he wanted to go even more! He wore a TU-TU for crying out loud!

2: Numbuh 4-30-teen-seven (girlie Wally) was standing next to Numbuh 3.

3: Numbuh 12 and Numbuh 23 asked Numbuh 3 if she liked Numbuh 4. Notice that they didn't say Numbuh One, Numbuh 2, Numbuh 274, they asked about NUMBUH 4.

4: After they asked her, Numbuh 4-30-teen-7 spit out all of his soda and watched antiously for her answer.

5: Numbuh 3 thought Numbuhs 12 and 23 meant liking Numbuh 4 as a friend, so she answered yes, but then they explained it was about like-liking Numbuh 4. She stalled saying "You mean like, like like?"

6: After Numbuhs 12 and 23 said yes, Kuki stalled more going "" and then, of coarse, chad breaks in.

7: Even though Numbuh 4-30-teen-7 hated them, he still saved #86's rainbow monkey, #3's favorite toy.

Operation: KASTLE

1: When Numbuh 4 landed next to Kuki and Mushi in thier love boat, they gasped like he was sooooo heroic!

2: When he realized that King Sandy was trying to marry Kuki again, #4 turned around really quickly with wide eyes.

3: At the end, Numbuh 2 said that King Sandy had a 'Wierd taste in girls'. Numbuh 3 spanked him with the splanker and the screen went black. Then another splank was heard. Numbuh 2 was all "What's you hit me for?!!" and Numbuh 4 answered "Nothin'". He probably spanked him because HE liked he same girl King Sandy did (no, not Mushi)!

Operation: LOCKDOWN

1: Numbuh 5 suggested that Numbuh 4 wake up Numbuh 3. I wonder why?

2: When Numbuh 4 saw that Numbuh 3 was hurt, he tried to comfort her.

Operation: CAKED-3

1: Numbuhs 3 and 4 were always right next to each other

2: Numbuh 3 got thrown into the present/cage next to Numbuh 4

3: Every time Numbuh 4 suggested that they BBQ the chicks, he's next to Numbuh 3. He loves to annoy her!

Operation: GRADUATES

1: When Numbuh 4 got turned into a kawola, Numbuh said that he was adorable!

2: Kuki and Wally were next to each other in most of the scenes.

3: When Numbuh 4 said that if Tommy couldn't be in the KND, that he wouldn't either, he was right next to Numbuh 3. He probably assumed that she would care the most.

Operation: HUGS

1: At the begginging, Numbuh 4 was all complaining about Numbuh 3 tricking him to go to the "Rainbow Monkeys Fair and Share Fair" by telling him that they were going to the super coolest place ever. Numbuh 4 probably got his hopes up to go some place cool with Numbuh 3 and no one else! :D

2: Out of all the people in the whole wide world, Kuki invited Wally to the fair. Maybe she wanted it to be like a date or something! ^_________^

3: Numbuh 3 tried so hard to get Numbuh 4 to give her a "Friendly Friend Rainbow Monkey Goodbye hug"! She even grabbed his hands with the happiest look on her face! Numbuh 4 blushed, alright.

Operation: TRICKY

1: Stuff that they said!

(4) Halloween is for stupid babies who dress up as girly butterflys and go house to house begging adults for candy!

-Numbuh 3 gives Numbuh Four an evil look dressed as a butterfly-

(4) heh heh, um, unless you're into that sorta thing!

2: Numbuh 3 felt sorry for Numbuh 4 for not getting a lot of candy

Operation: UNCOOL

1: When Numbuh 2 set down one of his yipper cards, Numbuh 3 was all "Ooh!", but when Numbuh 4 set down one of his yipper cards, she oohed even louder!

Operation: HOSPITAL

1: Numbuh One told 3 and 4 to go look for Bradly together!

2: Numbuh 4 was worried when Numbuh 3 was so serious about saving Numbuh 6 (he thought it was someone else) because she was't that determent to save him from the kitty lady.

3: Numbuh 4 was saying things like "So... Is this guy the most importent kid ever...or something?" and "Um, uh, so you must really like this guy, huh?" really worriedly (is that a word?).

4: When numbuh 3 said "I don't like him Numbuh 4, I LOVE him!" Numbuh 4 had the saddest look on his face!

5: Later in the episode, Numbuh 4 was moping around saying something like "She LOVES him? Oh, what's so special about him? What's he got that I ain't got?" with big ol' puppy dog eyes!

6: When Bradly was cured, Numbuh 3 said next to Numbuh 4 "Isn't he wonderful?" And then Numbuh Four tried to confess his love for her for the 2nd time! Here's what they said!

(4) Um, Numbuh 3? I know you... love this guy, but there's something that I need to say!

(3) (puppy dog eyes and woogily smile) Yes Numbuh 4?

(4) I uh, I just wanted you that, um, I really think that..-bradly smell comes in- PU! YOU STINK!

And he was so close to telling her, too! Stupid smell!

7: At the end of the episode, Numbuh 3 was all "So..what did you really want to tell me, Numbuh 4?" (she definatly knew that Numbuh 4 didn't think that she stunk) And he tried to convince her that her shoes were untied (they wern't)!:D

Operation: SPROUT

1: Numbuh 3 was the one pushing the cart.

2: Numbuh 3 looked really worried in, like, every scene in the whole episode!

3: Numbuh 3 didn't put any makeup on him like she did the guy in "UNCOOL".

4: While Numbuh 4 was turning green, he touched Numbuh 3's hand!

5: In one of the scenes where Numbuh 4 was looking really sick, Numbuh 3 cried "Numbuh 4! You have to pull through! You're my-" Ooh! I wonder what she was about to say!

6: Numbuh 3 kept giving Numbuh 4 puppy dog eyes and stuff!

Operation: NUGGET:

1: When Numbuh 5 announced that the Chicken Fingers (Numbuh 3's thing) would be performing, you can hear Numbuh 4 cheering the loudest.

2: While Kuki, Mushi, and Lizzie were dancing to their chicken nugget song, Numbuh 4 was definatly drooling! He would't be drooling over Mushi (um ew?) or Lizzie (she's Nigel's girl!) so all that's left is Numbuh 3!

3: When Numbuh 4 was whining about not getting his chicken nugget, Numbuh 3 gave him her's!

Operation: POOL

1: When -Numbuh 1 was trying to push Numbuh 4 in the pool, numbuh 3 look all worried.

2: When - Numbuhs 2, 3, and 5 came in, numbuh 4 just said "Hey Kuki!". He didn't even notice the others!

3: Numbuh 4 knew that -Numbuh 3 wasn't numbuh 3 when he looked in her eyes, kind of like how numbuh 1 noticed with lizzie! And they're boyfriend and girlfriend!

Operation: Caked Four

*some quotes*

(numbuh 4 is on the desert island and numbuh 3 floats by)

Numbuh 4: Numbuh 3! You have to save me!

Numbuh 3: I can't shave you, Mr. Old Man! I have a race!

Numbuh 4: Kuki! It's me, numbuh 4!

The Kid (to numbuh 3): Hey, that's a nice raft.

Numbuh 3: *giggles* Thanks! I built it myself!

The Kid: Maybe we could get together after the race to share some *slanty eye* decorating tips.

Numbuh 4: Hey!!!

Numbuh 3: Hee hee! That would be great!

Numbuh 4: Hey, You stay away from her, you fly boy!

*Numbuh 3 and kid float away chatting and stuff*

Narrator (in an intertube): Wallabee beatles, A loser in tubing, and a loser in love.

Numbuh 4: LOVE?!!!!!!! What're you talking about?!!

Operation: Saturn

1. In his sleep, Numbuh 4 was talking to his pillow and gave out proof that he was happy that "someone" liked him back, after he told "someone" that he liked "someone" for a long time. We all know who that "someone" was -wink-

Operation: Love

1. Number four Stopped Number three when she almost kissed the Delightful Children From Down The Lane

2. He sang with her at the end.

Operation: Couch

1. Number Three was the only one who didn't fall for Number Fours trick.

2. they had the CUTE fight over the remote (which made me squeel like the fangirl I am)

3. Number three saved him when he got beeten by the dude.

My Thoughts:
Ever heard of the phrase, "opposites attract"? I think this applies to Kuki and Wally perfectly. Kuki is a real girly girl, While Wally is a tough guy. Kuki loves Rainbow monkeys and other dolls, While Wally Hates everything to do with the rainbow monkeys.

Lead me, save me from my solitude...
Say you want me with you, here beside you...